Hampshire Food Systems Collaborative

The Hampshire Food Systems Collaborative (the Collaborative) will provide recommendations on the next stages of planning and implementation of the Healthy Food Transition, reporting to the vice president for finance and administration (VPFA), and the vice president of student affairs (VPSA). The President of the College will make final decisions regarding the recommendations of the Collaborative. Hampshire College's Healthy Food Transition is intended to change the enterprise of producing, preparing, consuming, and managing food on campus. Food is used as a means to teach students, communicate values, experiment with new models to solve problems, influence our peers, and serve our community.

The work of the Collaborative will include extensive consultation with the Hampshire community to identify preferences for meals, dining options, food outlets, and shared community values. Based on this consultation, the Collaborative will make recommendations to the VPFA and VPSA regarding food system design and participation, within an economically responsible framework. These recommendations will take into consideration the following aspects, at a minimum:

  • Economic accessibility and food insecurity
  • Environmental justice and equity
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Community values

The Collaborative may propose projects, events, curriculum, strategies, and initiatives, and may convene campus discussions of issues and options. The Collaborative may set up appropriate sub-committees. 

The Collaborative will include 3-5 students, 3-5 faculty, and 3-5 staff; it will be supported by expertise provided by alumni, former trustees, and consultant Howard Wein.

Current Members of the Collaborative


  • Shelby Gaiss 13F
  • April Nugent 15F
  • James Szkobel-Wolff 16F
  • Quinn Thomashow 16F


  • Howard Wein, alumnus, former trustee, consultant
  • Andrew Fleischer, general manager of Hampshire dining commons
  • Michael Gallo O’Connell, operations manager of Hampshire dining commons
  • Nancy Hanson, director of Farm Programs, Hampshire College Farm
  • Reeve Gutsell, Food, Farm, and Sustainability coordinator
  • Jennifer Lawton, director of financial aid
  • Pam Tinto, associate dean of students
  • Daniel Ross, visiting assistant professor of social entrepreneurship
  • Becky Miller, professor of music
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