Student Groups, Courses, and Projects Related to Food and Agriculture |
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Student Groups, Courses, and Projects Related to Food and Agriculture

Student Groups Related to Food and Agriculture

Mixed Nuts is a co-op, which has provided reasonably priced organic and natural food to the Hampshire community since 1972.

The Growing Farmers Collective focuses on ecological food production from sustainable agriculture and permaculture to urban farming and beekeeping. From October to May, the group operates the Winter Farmer's market on campus, featuring produce from season extending greenhouses.

Climate Justice League works to engage the Hampshire and Pioneer Valley communities on issues of environmental sustainability through education, collaboration, and direct action.

Greenhouse Student Group works to upkeep the Enfield Solar Greenhouse and the Cole Science Bioshelter, spaces for growing plants and food, learning about environmental sustainability, and for events that bring the Hampshire community together.

Shake and Bake is a student group which endeavors to create culinary treats, with the enjoyment of reading the beautiful words of Shakespeare aloud.

Hampshire Animal Rights seeks to educate our community to promote awareness of animal exploitation.

The Ripple Effect has two primary goals. First, to educate students regarding water science and policy. Second, to empower students to get involved in water issues through activist training.

Recent Courses at Hampshire

  • Agriculture, Ecology, and Society
  • Controversies in Agriculture
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
  • The Future of Food
  • The Contested American Countryside
  • Ecology of New England Old Growth Forests
  • Farming in America
  • From Generation to Generation:
  • Seed-Saving in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Kitchen Ecology
  • The Microbial Farm
  • Pesticide Alternatives

Recent Student Projects

  • Agricultural Systems Thinking: Re-designing urban farming systems that are radically inclusive of marginalized communities
  • Slow Food USA: A Cultural Exploration of Slow Food in the "Fast Food Nation"
  • Learning in Context: Using a Farm as an Educational Tool
  • Land of Fish and Rice: Agriculture, Eutrophication, and Phytoremediation in China's Chao Lake
  • Agriculture, the State, and the NGO in Egypt
  • Nitrogen Cycling in Organic Agricultural Systems
  • Cooperative Extension and Progressive Change in U.S. Agriculture
  • Under the Canopy: Investigating the Effects of Arsenic on a Microbial Population Under Anaerobic Conditions in a Collection of Flooded Soils From an Atkins Farm Apple Orchard
  • Micronutrient Foliar Fertilization of Aquaponic Basil: The role of Fe and other metals in foliar fertilization at Bioshelters, Inc.
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