Guide for Supporting and Referring Students

The mission of Well is to promote holistic health and wellness in the Hampshire community.

For such a small campus, Hampshire has a wealth of resources, but too often students, faculty, and staff aren't fully aware of what our campus resources are and the services they offer. As community members, we may not know how to respond to a student who is struggling, or may believe it's not our role to to get involved. In a healthy, thriving, caring community, it is always our role to address a concern, whether it is for another individual, or is about an event or system. This guide was designed to help identify "red flags" suggesting that a student may need additional support, and give suggestions about ways to respond to specific issues and highlight appropriate on- and off-campus resources. The guide was designed for faculty and staff, but is relevant to students as well.

Faculty Guide for Supporting and Referring Students

Staff Guide for Supporting and Referring Students

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