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Virus Protection and Prevention

Hampshire uses ESET anti-virus software for our Windows-platform computers, and we recommend the free version of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for student and personal machines.

Hampshire-owned PCs should all have ESET installed on them already, but feel free to contact the help desk if you think you don't have it or need help.

Anti-Virus for Personal, Home, and Student Computers

PC users can install the free version of Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft's website. If Mac users would like antivirus software, we recommend ClamAV, available for free here.

How to Avoid Viruses in the First Place

In addition to having active and up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your computer and running spyware detection software, there are other habits you can develop to minimize the risk of getting infected. Think of it as defensive driving.

  • Run software updates regularly.
  • Use extreme caution around email attachments. Don’t open an attachment simply because it looks as though it is coming from someone you know; it could be a fake return address.
  • Read license agreements before downloading and installing any software on your computer, unless you are certain that it is from a trusted source. This will often tell you what other software installs, advertising, or data collection you are agreeing to by installing the intended software.
  • Don't fall for offers of "free" things on the internet.
  • Free screensavers are also notorious for distributing viruses, adware, or spyware.
  • When you are surfing the Internet, if a window pops up offering services or software, close the window using the X in the upper right corner. Clicking ANY other button. Even "No" or "Cancel" can trigger a virus or spyware installation.

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