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Spiritual Life

We all seek meaning in our lives. We all have questions about how to live. What does it mean to be ethical? How do we find compassion when it is difficult? How do we communicate across difference? How do we understand the value of another being? What is our purpose? These are questions that we explore in the Spiritual Life Program. They may be answered by philosophy, they may be answered by religion, they may be answered by a whole host of ideas from many different sources. Each of us answers them differently. And, in fact, they do not have to be answered today. Rather, we allow space and support for the questions themselves.  

The Spiritual Life Program at Hampshire College encourages healthy community life, interaction, and reconciliation across boundaries of ideas, possibilities, and faith. We offer support and practice so that students, staff, and faculty can balance, flourish, and experience the connections between mind, body, and spirit. We provide resources and guidance for spiritual exploration, development, and appreciation. We provide education and programming that engages in issues of identity and conflict around the world, modeling compassionate communication and challenging ourselves and the campus as a whole to make this a place where we can become fully ourselves even as we lift up and celebrate our diverse community.

Spiritual Life Center

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The Spiritual Life Center serves as a community center for meetings, programming, quiet study, and worship. Weekly sessions of meditation, yoga, and contemplative practices are offered in this space. Spiritual Life programming and special events invite us to worship in our own ways, consider the connections we share across faiths, and forge new paths to truth, wellness, and understanding. Spiritual life student groups conduct weekly meetings in the Spiritual Life Center. You can get involved by checking the calendar for these dates and times.

Spiritual Life Office
Second Floor of Merrill Student Life
The director of spiritual life; coordinator for religious identity and political intersections; intercultural community advisor; contemplative life advisor; and spiritual life student staff work together with the other community advocacy offices to cultivate an engaged and questioning campus community. Stop by the office to chat and find out more about the Spiritual Life Program.

Kosher Kitchen

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The kosher kitchen is where Shabbat and holiday meals are cooked, and can also be used on other occasions. During Passover, the kitchen is kashered and is fully stocked with kosher for Passover food, available to any member of the Hampshire community. The kosher kitchen generally serves as a hub of Jewish life on campus.

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