Lebrón-Wiggins Pran Cultural Center

Lebrón-Wiggins Pran Cultural Center's Mission

To serve better and retain students of color and international students, the Lebrón-Wiggins Pran Cultural Center provides a range of programs and resources to support and promote the success of students of color and international students at Hampshire College. 

Additionally, the center provides programs and resources to the larger campus community for engagement in issues related to race, culture, and under-representation, with the underlying goal to effect social change.

We enhance our longstanding commitment to community and social change by:

  • providing and advocating for services, programs, and resources that assist international students and students of color for a successful transition to, matriculation at, and graduation from Hampshire College
  • offering services, programs, and resources that foster academic success among international students and students of color
  • ensuring a space for multicultural community building, individual expression, and the exchange of ideas
  • fostering leadership skills for multicultural competence for students of color, international students, and multicultural student groups
  • continually examining the fluidity of race, culture, and identity; specifically examining how race and culture intersect with other social identities and their impact on one's view of self and of the world
  • serving as a campus partner in promoting multicultural competence through community engagement on topics related to race, culture, and under-representation.

At the Cultural Center, we recognize students come to Hampshire with their own terms of self-identity and will soon be placed in a new environment where identity will take on different terms and meanings. The Cultural Center aims to help students of color and international students navigate through that phenomenon.

If you have an idea for a program or would like to explore further a topic related to the center's mission, please email the Cultural Center or stop by!

Office of Multicultural and International Student Services

The office of multicultural and international student services (MISS) is housed in the Cultural Center. MISS provides a network of comprehensive services and innovative programs that support and advance the intellectual, personal, cultural, and social development of students of color and international students. 

International Student Advising

MISS provides information and programs to international students about the campus and community; and provides support and assistance concerning visas and related immigration issues.

Allison Kretschmar, director of global education and international student visa advisor (akGEO@hampshire.edu)

David Ko, director of spiritual life and international student advisor  (dkSA@hampshire.edu)

Cultural Center Staff

Maria Cartagena, manager of diversity and inclusion initiatives (mcDO@hampshire.edu)

Will Syldor-Severino, Enfield Area coordinator and coordinator of identity- based housing (wasSA@hampshire.edu)

General inquiries: culturalcenter@hampshire.edu
International student inquire: missintl@hampshire.edu


The Lebrón-Wiggins Pran Cultural Center and MISS are part of the division of Student Life.