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Community Advocacy

Community Advocacy promotes the well-being of the entire campus community; fosters connections across social identities and ideas; and engages in passionate and compassionate dialogue and programs.

Community Advocacy, a department of student life, incorporates multicultural and international student services (and the Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center); queer services (and the Queer Community Alliance Center); spiritual life services (and the Spiritual Life Center); survivor support; wellness promotion (and the Wellness Center); and women's services (and the Center for Feminisms).

Community advocacy staff support and provide resources for the holistic development of students with the goals of nourishing student initiatives; increasing awareness and appreciation of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives; and encouraging understanding and mutual respect as we actively work towards social change. 

Community Advocacy Union

Community Advocacy Union (CAU) is a student group within the community advocacy department.


The Community Advocacy Union is responsible for proposing solutions and other conflict resolution methods for identity/social wellness-based issues that may arise on Hampshire's campus. The union will serve as a response channel to identity and social wellness-based emergencies that require dialogues or other opportunities to create safer spaces for students, and as a hub for students to spread information on group events, discuss and work on campus issues, and facilitate inter-group dialogue. The union will also critically address issues and actively attempt to make decision that fight against oppression, and will make recommendations for the community advocacy directors, student centers, and the Hampshire community as a whole.

The union is composed of two student representatives from the following centers and one faculty/staff representative: the Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center; the Center for Feminisms; the Queer Community Alliance Center; Spiritual Life Center; and the Wellness Center. The Community Advocacy Union meets weekly.

The CAU recognizes that our group and the centers we represent operate at a disproportionately privileged campus. Acknowledging this privilege, we actively work to create and protect safe spaces for students who are under-privileged on this campus and in the world.


Email CAU at if you have any questions, would like to collaborate on an event or workshop, to meet with the group, or if you have an issue you would like discussed at the weekly meeting. You can also follow their posts on the Community Advocacy Facebook page.


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