Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities (SOURCE)

Why participate in a SOURCE group?

  • A sense of family and belonging
  • Cultural connection
  • Promoting campus-wide education and advocacy around topics of racial/ethnic/cultural diversity
  • Fun!

What is SOURCE?

SOURCE (Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities) is a coalition of groups that exist for students who identify as:

  • indigenous/Native American
  • mixed heritage/race
  • queer international and people of color
  • international students
  • Asian/Asian American
  • Latinx American
  • African/African American
  • James Baldwin Scholars
  • international women and women of color
  • men of color

You can browse current SOURCE groups in HampEngage.

These groups have a long history of organizing a number of impactful initiatives that look at community building, campus awareness, and institutional change on topics related to race, under-representation, and social justice.

For more information about how to get involved with a specific SOURCE group, contact the Cultural Center.

Why does SOURCE exist?

There are many institutional, social, and cultural barriers and experiences that are shared among multicultural students. The students of color and international populations at Hampshire College generally constitute a small percentage of the student body. It is for these reasons that SOURCE exists. Students create a critical mass through SOURCE to provide for students' needs and to facilitate change.

Who participates in SOURCE?

Not every multicultural student may feel the need to become involved in SOURCE or its groups each semester. Each student's level of participation varies. The one thing that is constant is that SOURCE and its groups are always there whenever a student of color or international student needs them.

How does the Cultural Center support SOURCE?

The Lebron-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center works closely with SOURCE:

  • The director serves as the advisor to SOURCE groups
  • Center staff answer questions about programming, event co-sponsorship, and other campus offices and groups
  • The Center provides SOURCE groups with mailboxes and storage space, and houses historical documents

You can get involved with SOURCE groups through the Cultural Center.