How You Study

Urgent. Unbounded. Entrepreneurial.

Become a Provoker of Big Questions

You will not come to Hampshire to pursue a major. Instead, you'll choose the faculty advisors you'll work with to create your own curriculum addressing the big question, challenge, or issue you're most interested in. 

You'll work across, between, and without disciplines—and you'll curate your own original course of study. You'll be challenged with the freedom to formulate questions never asked before. 

Pursue Knowledge Through Stages

You advance through a divisional structure rather than traditional school years. Each Division requires a portfolio review, including narrative feedback from each course, final papers and projects, community-engaged learning, other meaningful work, and a retrospective, capped off by a yearlong Div III project of your own design

Face the World's Revolution with an Evolution of Your Own 

We've launched a bold new curriculum organized around four Learning Collaboratives. Through these collaboratives, we bring disciplines together to address the pressing issues facing society today. And as global challenges shift, so do the topics of our collaboratives. We evolve and change to reflect the world around us.

A better way to learn.

Lupita Nyong'o

Hampshire Changemakers

The Hampshire experience prepares you to understand problems deeply, research and investigate, collaborate, and tackle real issues instead of hypothetical ones. The world looks to Hampshire graduates for leadership in hundreds of fields. How will the world look to you?

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Drone photo of the Hampshire College Campus

The Five College Consortium

Hampshire’s founders were leaders from Amherst, Smith, and Mount Holyoke Colleges, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They set out to create a lab of an undergraduate institution, experimenting with how a college could be a more effective intellectual and moral force in the world.

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Areas of Study

You will not come to Hampshire to pursue a major. That's right. No majors. No departments. Instead, you'll work across, between, and without disciplines—and you'll combine fields to curate your own original course of study.

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Professors who partner with you.

At Hampshire, you’ll be encouraged to work closely with professors, collaborate on research, and coauthor academic articles in your area of interest, giving you a tremendous advantage in your field. Through continual mentorship, you’ll always have an expert and seasoned resource to help guide and organize your thinking.

Deborah Goffe

Deborah Goffe

Associate Professor of Dance and Performance Curation

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Hampshire College Professor Chris Perry

Christopher Perry

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences

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Lili M. Kim

Lili M. Kim

Associate Professor of History and Global Migrations

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