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Our Admissions Process

Your search and application process will be as individual as your Hampshire experience. From the nuts and bolts of the application process to deeper conversations around the academic and student experience, we are here as resources to you throughout the entire process.

Below you will find pages with more information about the application process for different applicant categories. Details about eligibility are noted at the top of each page.

Please note: Students who were previously enrolled at Hampshire, and who are interested in readmission, must apply through the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA).

Financial Aid

Ensure your Hampshire experience is extraordinary and affordable. The Financial Aid Office can help you understand your award package and answer any questions you may have. 

Your Future at Hampshire

  • Unsatiated intellectual curiosity? A compulsion to collaborate and create? An infectious enthusiasm for ideas? If these are the symptoms, Hampshire’s the cure.

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  • It’s time to make a change. Whether you are transferring from a large university or another small institution, Hampshire College offers transfer students the opportunity to build a customized program of study drawing upon coursework they have already completed.

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  • We're so glad that you’re interested in pursuing your undergraduate education at Hampshire College—where you’ll engage in a unique, transdisciplinary curriculum that allows you to build your own customized program of study. 

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  • James Baldwin was one of the most prominent and influential figures of the 20th century—an American activist, essayist, playwright, and novelist who taught at Hampshire. His works examined race, sexuality, and class, and he was often referred to as the voice of the civil rights movement. The James Baldwin Scholars Program was established in 1992 in his name to celebrate his scholarship, teaching and activism; although not an expectation of the program, some of our Baldwin scholars have chosen to explore similar areas academically or as activists. 

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  • You already know that you are the best architect of your education. Hampshire College will help you continue to design your own learning experience. We take a holistic approach to our students’ applications and encourage them to provide us with a better understanding of who they are as a learner and individual. 

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