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Applications are submitted online through the Common Application. The system will guide you through the process based on whether you are applying as a first-year or transfer student. Students can apply for the fall 2024 semester through July 15.



Here you will find pages with more information about the application process for different applicant categories. Details about eligibility are noted at the top of each page:

Financial Aid

Ensure your Hampshire experience is extraordinary and affordable. The Financial Aid Office can help you understand your award package and answer any questions you may have. 

Application Deadlines & Notification Dates

Spring 2025

Deadline Notification
Domestic First-Year and Transfer Students November 1 December 1
International First-Year and Transfer Students November 1 November 10

Fall 2025

Deadline Notification
First-Year Early Decision I November 15 December 15
First-Year Early Action December 1 February 15
First-Year Early Decision II January 1 February 1
First-Year Regular Decision January 15 April 1
Domestic Transfer March 15 April 15
International Transfer March 15 April 15

> If you missed a date, just reach out to us with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All applications should be received by the published application dates.

    • We look for applicants who have shown initiative; self-motivation; independence; self-awareness; curiosity; creativity; and the ability and interest to make a contribution to their communities. We also look for strong critical thinking and writing skills, as well as a sense of commitment and follow-through.

      We look first at the applicant's program of study: Have you challenged yourself? Have you taken advanced courses when they've been available? Have you taken workshops or college classes outside of school? Attended a summer pre-college program? Started a community service initiative? Petitioned to get a new instructor or program at your school? These are all good signs that you'll be self-motivated enough to meet Hampshire's expectations of you as a student. We look next at your performance in these areas, which is evident through grades, test scores (if you choose to submit them), writing samples, and recommendations. We are looking for students with strong basic writing skills, as we do quite a lot of writing at Hampshire (about 20 papers per semester). We don't expect students to know exactly what they want to major in, but we do like to see students who are passionately pursuing their interests. We look for students who are active participants in life and who tend to create opportunities for themselves and take responsibility and ownership over their lives and educational paths.
  • We don't have strict course requirements for acceptance to Hampshire, but we do recommend four years of English; three of math, science, and history/social studies; and at least two of a foreign language.

    Many students find that they are finally able to take more electives in their senior year and want to know if it's okay to do so. That will depend greatly on which electives you choose. We're looking to see you challenging yourself by taking four to five academic courses each year, so if your chosen electives are academic in nature (i.e., music theory, women's history, etc.), then you're golden. If your proposed schedule has fewer academic courses than what we recommend, but you are taking them at an advanced level, that may be enough to convince us that you are still challenging yourself. Your guidance counselors are the best source of advice regarding what you should plan to take: Remember, they've helped many students before you get accepted to colleges and universities. If you want additional advice, however, feel free to call the admissions office with any specific concerns or questions.

    • The minimum residency requirement for transfer students for graduation is three semesters, regardless of how many credits are transferable. Students receiving financial aid should consult with the financial aid office regarding the number of semesters of financial aid eligibility.
    • Absolutely! We accept applications from homeschooled students, unschooled students, students who have received a GED or other alternative proof of high school completion, adult students of a non-traditional entering age... the list goes on!
    • If you have completed a program that does not provide a traditional transcript, we will need you to create a record of your high school and continuing education.
    • If you're concerned about your ability to get a counselor or teacher letter of recommendation, we may be able to substitute a letter from another mentor or supervisor in your life such as a boss, religious leader, or coach. Talk to your admissions counselor about your options.
  • We don’t require an audition or portfolio to study art, theatre, or any discipline at Hampshire. Rather, Hampshire makes all admissions decisions based on your academic performance and fit. Once accepted, you have access to all programs, areas of study, and facilities. Because we do holistic reads of applications, we do accept portfolios as optional materials. You can upload an optional portfolio by logging into your applicant portal, going into the Application Checklist section, and clicking the button that says "Edit your digital portfolio". You can also email your optional portfolio materials to While portfolios are never a deciding factor in your admissions decision, they provide valuable context to your application. We love to see what our applicants have achieved in the past, whether that be a traditional art portfolio, a music video or a short film. We’ve received skateboarding videos, baking videos, and other non-traditional portfolio items that show the breadth and depth of our students’ passions and excitement. While optional, the portfolio is another way to demonstrate your individuality and fit for Hampshire.