Admissions Counselors and Staff

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Like Hampshire College itself, the admissions office is staffed by a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, interests, beliefs, and opinions. All share a deep commitment to this lively and innovative learning community. Click on the profile of the counselor representing your state to schedule a virtual interview.

Fumio Sugihara

Fumio Sugihara (he/him)

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
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Dan Pearson

Dan Pearson (he/him)

Director of Admissions
Territories: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama; and all international first-year applicants
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Bernadette Burke

Bernadette Burke (she/her)

Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Territories: Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota
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Maureen McCarthy (she/her)

Director of Operations and Systems
Mike Montgomery

Michael Montgomery (he/him)

Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Territories: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont; Florida; Puerto Rico and other US territories and protectorates
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MK Reilly

MK Reilly (she/her)

Director of Data and Technology
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Anna Kempf

Anna Kempf 20F (she/her)

Associate Director of Admissions
Territories: New York City - Five boroughs (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island); and Long Island
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Natasha Doherty

Natasha Doherty 13S (she/her)

Associate Director of Admissions
Territories: Eastern Massachusetts—Greater Boston, Cape Cod & the Islands; Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas; and all Transfer Students (including international)
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Sam Bergeron

Sam Bergeron (he/him) 18F

Assistant Director of Admissions
Territories: Massachusetts - Worcester County and Middlesex County; Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Kentucky.
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Michelle Drake

Michelle Drake (they/them)

Assistant Director of Admissions, CRM Specialist
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Rae Roqué

Rae Roqué (she/her)

Assistant Director of Operations, Data Analyst
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 Reah Thomas-Hill

Reah Thomas-Hill (she/her)

Assistant Director of Admissions, Campus Visit Coordinator
Territories: Massachusetts - Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden counties; Connecticut, and Rhode Island
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Hipólito Vázquez

Hipólito Vázquez (he/they)

Assistant Director of Admissions - Targeted Recruitment Coordinator
Territories: Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada
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Peter Watko

Peter Watko 18F (he/him)

Assistant Director of Admissions
Territories: New York—Upstate, and Westchester County; Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri
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Annie Wood

Annie Wood 16F (she/her)

Assistant Director of Admissions
Territories: New Jersey, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
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Amanda O'Connell (she/her)

Office Coordinator and Records Specialist
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