Campus Safety and Wellbeing

Campus Safety and Wellbeing (CSW) safeguards people and property on the Hampshire College campus. CSW should be alerted to any situation that threatens a safe academic and social environment.

  • In a life threatening emergency, from a campus hard line or cell phone: Dial 911
  • For non-life-threatening matters that require the immediate assistance of a campus safety and wellbeing assistant: Dial 413.559.5424
  • For administrative, parking, and lost and found questions: Dial 413.559.6151 or email
  • Using your TTY: Call MassRelay at 711 or 800.439.2370
  • Speech-to-Speech (for clarity): Call MassRelay STS at 866.645.9870


The Department of Campus Safety and Wellbeing (formerly Campus Safety and Security) has gone through a transformation. The department and past iterations of it have been based on traditional models of community policing and law enforcement, which we know do not address the needs of our community. Campus Safety and Wellbeing receives many requests for assistance in ways that require emergency response, but oftentimes, they receive requests that are better suited for response by staff with backgrounds in community organizing, social work, or counseling.

Using research and information from an approach called the Community Responder Model, as well as reviewing feedback obtained from a student survey on the role of Campus Safety and Security, the division of Student Affairs set out during the summer of 2021 to evaluate all staff job descriptions with a focus on creating positions rooted primarily in community development, support, and advocacy. The result was the creation of two new positions: the campus safety assistant and the health and wellbeing advocate.

Campus Safety and Wellbeing staff respond to all manner of service and emergency calls and are a 24/7 presence on campus. Campus safety assistants work in tandem with the health and wellbeing advocate staff to address the needs of the campus community in ways that are most productive and supportive of the community member at hand.

CSW is not a sworn police force; it has no authority to arrest. We maintain working relationships with the police and fire departments of Amherst and Hadley, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Northwestern District Attorney's Office for matters beyond the scope of community safeguarding.

Campus Safety and Wellbeing Leadership Team

  • Kris Nolan-Parker (they/them), Senior Director of Student Affairs for Community Advocacy, Prevention and Education, and Safety (C.A.P.E.S.)
  • Bill Zito (he/him), Assistant Director of Emergency Protocol and Training
  • Demetrius Otey (he/him), Assistant Director of Dispatch and Shift Management
  • Lori Bouchard (she/her), Assistant Director of Administrative Services, Resources, and Programs

Campus Safety Assistants

CSW assistants answer 413.559.5424 (you can dial x5424 from a campus phone)

Campus safety assistants and health and wellbeing advocates are trained professionals. Each staff member is certified yearly in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and as a first responder, and is trained in sexual assault and trauma response, accessibility services, and intervention/response to witnessed or reported incidents of bias and hate.

  • Grayson Connery (he/him)
  • Abby Fussell (they/them)
  • Juliette Gagnon Strong Heart (she/her)
  • Ken Jensen (he/him)
  • Eric McGregor (he/him)

Health and Wellbeing Advocates

  • Carl Brokaw (he/him)
  • Isley Gagnon (she/her)
  • Isabelle Grady (she/they)
  • Jill MacDonald (they/them) 
  • Mike Purcell (he/him)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, CSW provides these essential services to students, staff, faculty, and visitors:

  • Responding to medical and fire emergencies
  • Responding to vehicular problems and accidents
  • Securing and providing access to buildings
  • Registering vehicles and issuing citations for parking violations including unregistered cars
  • Responding to and investigating reports of threats or crimes against people or property

Crime Prevention

Working together to keep our campus safe.

Crime Prevention Information

Campus Safety and Wellbeing Mission Statement:         

Our mission is to support the learning and work of the entire community by protecting life and property and providing services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The department is committed to community safeguarding, and respects and protects the civil rights of all individuals, with strict adherence to the principles of accountability and transparency. We are united in our commitment to address social injustice and quality of life issues by engaging one another in problem-solving partnerships. 

If you would like to be part of the campus safety advisory committee, please email

When there are complaints involving the safeguarding of the campus, community members and officers are best served by a system of accountability that is expeditious and fair to all involved.

We value your feedback! Please share your experience with Campus Safety and Wellbeing using this feedback form

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