Safety and Parking Policies

Parking/Vehicle Policies

Faculty, staff, and students who regularly park on campus must register their vehicle on TheHub. Those parking without a current registration sticker will be warned at first, then ticketed, and finally towed if the car is repeatedly parked illegally or considered abandoned. Students, Staff, and faculty stickers are free. Temporary parking passes are available for short-term parking for no fee. Students are not permitted to leave vehicles on campus over the summer break.

Student Events on Campus

For each event planned on campus outside of the residence halls, an event registration form (ERF) needs to be filed with student development and community leadership. The Department of Campus Safety and Wellbeing requires that ERFs be filled out and turned in to student development and community leadership TEN days prior to every event. Any ERF that is not submitted at least ten days prior to the event needs written approval by Campus Safety and Wellbeing.

Personal Property

Hampshire College assumes no responsibility or liability directly or indirectly for damage, loss, or destruction of any personal property by fire, water, theft, etc. Students are strongly encouraged to carry personal insurance to cover their belongings.

It is the responsibility of each student to safeguard personal belongings and keep bedroom and apartment doors locked. The vast majority of property crimes on campus are crimes of opportunity. The simple step of keeping doors locked provides enormous protection.

The Department of Campus Safety and Wellbeing has electric engravers available for loan. It is a good practice to engrave valuable items with the owner's name or other identifying marks. Marking of personal property will help in identifying the rightful owner of recovered property.

Use of College Vehicles

College vehicles are not available for personal use. Pool vehicles are available for College business. Requests to reserve pool vehicles must be made between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday by a representative of a College budget unit (e.g. student affairs, area offices, school offices, etc.). All individuals operating College vehicles must complete the defensive driver course, which is offered at least once each semester by OPRA.


No camping on Hampshire College property is allowed without explicit permission from the director of Campus Safety and Wellbeing.

Open Fires

Open fires (inside or outside) are prohibited on campus unless prior written approval is granted by the director of Campus Safety and Wellbeing. Charcoal barbecues are permitted, but must take place a safe distance away from buildings. Barbecues must not be left unattended.

Trespass Policy

In certain situations, Hampshire College may serve unwanted individuals with a trespass notice. Violators of a trespass notice are subject to arrest. Campus Safety and Wellbeing staff or other College employees may ask community members or visitors for identification. Failure to comply with such a request may result in disciplinary action up to and including escort from the Hampshire College campus and/or trespass. Students are encouraged to carry their Hampshire College ID cards with them at all times.

Weapons, Firearms, and Explosives

All (fake or real) weapons, firearms, and explosives including but not limited to firearms; knives (over 4 inches); swords; bows and arrows; and incendiary devices, including firecrackers, are strictly prohibited on campus. BB, pellet, and paint ball guns are also prohibited. All weapons, firearms, and explosives used in plays, theater, etc, must be registered and stored by Campus Safety and Wellbeing. These items are not allowed in the dorms/living areas and will be confiscated.

Emergency Phones and Call Boxes

Several emergency telephones have been strategically placed on campus to provide emergency access to the department of Campus Safety and Wellbeing. Each emergency phone is a metal box with a luminescent blue light on top and is clearly visible day and night. It is important to note that these phones ensure an immediate response in the event of a dangerous situation but are NOT to be used in non-emergency situations. You may also use them to report incidents or suspicious people, or to ask for an escort. Simply push the red button on any blue light phone. The phone will signal Campus Safety and Wellbeing staff automatically and direct someone to you.

Emergency Phone Locations

  • Cole Science Center - yellow box on front entrance on greenhouse
  • Film & Photo - yellow box on side of building facing
  • Enfield Parking Lot - white & blue box in middle of lot
  • Prescott Parking Lot - blue & red box in middle of lot
  • Cole Science Parking Lot - blue & red box on pathway to Prescott
  • Prescott Tavern - yellow box on front of Tavern
  • 4 Corners - blue & red box on pathway leading to Blair Hall
  • Emily Dickinson Hall - yellow box on rear of building near back door
  • Red Barn - yellow box to left of front door
  • Greenwich Parking Lot - blue & red box in middle of parking lot
  • Franklin Patterson Hall - yellow box under the bridge/walkway
  • Enfield - yellow box on rear side of building near laundry door
  • Merrill/Dakin - blue & red box in middle of parking lot