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Cultural Transition

A transition that enables every member of the Hampshire community to experience a workable way of life for the 21st century. It is not only the curriculum, but also the place, the community, and the culture that changes lives.

 Examples of current initiatives include:

End of Bottled Water Sales at Hampshire
Bottled water will no longer be sold at Hampshire College or distributed at campus events. This latest sustainability effort at Hampshire began as a student initiative. Last year, students worked both to halt the sale of bottled water and to educate the entire campus community about its environmental and economic costs.

LED Lightbulb Exchange
This is the first project funded by the Hampshire College Sustainability Revolving Fund. Led by sustainability intern Josh Reynolds, students in Professor Steve Roof’s “Sustainable Hampshire” first-year seminar have formed an LED Bulb Brigade. They are working across the campus, in offices and in residence halls, to exchange incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs for the new, highly energy efficient LED bulbs. The LED bulbs last even longer than CFL bulbs, contain no mercury, and offer a dimmable, warm white light. We anticipate that the energy savings from the LED bulbs will pay for the bulbs in less than two years.

Community Garden
Hampshire College's community garden provides free open space for Hampshire students, faculty, and staff to plant their own annual and perennial gardens. The College is currently re-evaluating the space, with plans to redesign the garden for spring 2012.

Other initiatives include

  • Solar loan program exploration for faculty and staff members

The world in the second decade of the 21st century differs profoundly from that which confronted the visionaries who created Hampshire College 42 years ago to challenge traditional approaches to higher education.







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