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Architecture and Environmental Design

A Hands-on Education
rehamping the barn clss

The Hampshire student group "Rehamping " is actively engaged in helping to plan the campus, including the relocation and redesign of a barn for a student coop and café "by students and for students." More »

In architecture we find elements of art history, critical theory, engineering, design, and the studio arts, as well as urban planning, sociology, economics, and political science.

Hampshire College is a member of the Five College Architectural Studies Program, and students have the option of obtaining a Five College major. The program is fiercely interdisciplinary, combining the history, theory, and design of the built environment.

Students design their own concentration for their Division II and can combine any number of fields of interest, from topics such as spirituality and space, to ecology and design, to sustainable transportation systems, to memorialization and urban planning. Many of our students choose to concentrate in sustainable practices and community design, working in the studio and in the local community. Indeed, our goal is nothing less than to change the way in which we live in the world.

Hampshire is the home campus to three shared Five College professors, and altogether we have specialists in community design, environmental design, sustainable practices, graphic design and representation, and architectural history and theory as well as global metropolitan studies, urban studies, and planning.

Our students have gone on to internships with significant firms, as well as graduate study in the best and most interesting programs in the country. Many of our alums are designers at small and large firms, as well as writers and teachers in the field.

Affiliated Faculty

  • Hiba Bou Akar, assistant professor of Middle Eastern studies
  • Gabriel Arboleda, Five College assistant professor of environmental design
  • Myrna Breitbart, professor of geography and urban studies
  • M. Naomi Darling, Five College assistant professor of sustainable architecture
  • Karen Koehler, professor of architectural and art history, coordinator of the Five College Architectural Studies Project
  • Thom Long, Five College associate professor of architectural studies

Student Project Titles

  • Los Angeles 1849-2042
  • Reflections on Holocaust Remembrance: History, Landscape and Postmemory at Auschwitz-Birkenau and Berlin
  • City Planning and Ataturk's Memorial Tomb in Early Republican Ankara
  • An Architectural Vision Quest
  • The Articulation of Social Interdependence through Architecture
  • Building Spaces with Children
  • Architecture and the Pursuit of Truth
  • Rebuilding New Orleans: Studies in City Planning
  • The Imagined City
  • Intimacy and Exposure: A Live/Work Dwelling for Artists
  • Okiciyapi: Examination of Architectural Intention
  • Archeology of Queer: Identity, Space and the Becoming of the Chinese City
  • Creative Experiments in Reconstructing Lowell
  • Gehry's Guggenheim Bilbao: The Art Museum Redefined

Sample First-Year Course

Art and Exile

This course will explore the changing representations of exile in visual art, architecture, literature, and film. We will unpack the shifting meanings of exile, displacement, and diaspora as experience and metaphor in the context of modernity, as well as discuss relationships between imagined/remembered homelands and transnational identities, language loss, bi and multilingualism and translation, alienation, difference, and memory as they are expressed by diverse artists in exile. We will cover a range of periods, places, and genres; from Chagall and Duchamp to Dali and Gropius, from Gertrude Stein to Salman Rushdie to Marjane Satrapi. We will explore questions of national and ethnic identity, cultural and linguistic heritage, and community and personal memory, as we investigate both the actual and imagined positions of the exile. Expectations include a series of progressively more complex papers and presentations. This course will incorporate a series of public lectures and panels on the topic of art, exile, and memory.

Sample Courses at Hampshire
  • Advanced Architectural Design Studio: Narrative and Journey in Designed Space
  • Advanced Design + Media Lab: Art, Architecture, and Environment
  • Architectural Concepts and Fundamentals
  • Architectural Design: Basic Approaches
  • Architectural Design for Diversity and Social Change
  • Art and Exile
  • The Bauhaus
  • Crafting a Sustainable Design Lens
  • "Culturally Appropriate" Design
  • Poetic Structures of Space
  • Reconstructing Modernity
  • The Politics and Poetics of Space
  • Sites and Citations of the City
  • Theory of Architectural Ideas: Nature, Culture, and Architecture
  • Urban Space and Nature: Recent Environmentalist Approaches to Urban Design
Through the Consortium
  • Architectural Design Studio (AC)
  • Architecture and Design (UMass)
  • Architecture Since 1945 (SC)
  • Building Physics (UMass)
  • European Art and Architecture 1400-1800 (AC)
  • Introduction to the Built Environment (MHC)
  • Modern Architecture (MHC)
  • Sculpting Space with Meaning (MHC)
  • Site and Space (SC)

Facilities and Resources

Five College Architectural Studies Program

The Five College Architectural Studies program (FCAS) explores collaborative programs in architectural studies and the built environment. The objective of FCAS is to cultivate concerned architectural thinkers, writers, and designers through a flexible yet rigorous interdisciplinary course of study. The program encourages students to explore a broad cross section of courses in and beyond the architecture discipline across the Five Colleges, and introduces students to a diverse collection of faculty members, methodologies, and design approaches.

A Hands-on Education
rehamping the barn clss

The Hampshire student group "Rehamping " is actively engaged in helping to plan the campus, including the relocation and redesign of a barn for a student coop and café "by students and for students." More »

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