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New Student Housing

The years you will spend living on campus will have a long-lasting impact on your life. It is a time for appreciating differences, exploring relationships, and having experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. The residence life and housing staff is here to help you find a comfortable home.

Housing Assignment Process

Our housing preference forms are available on TheHub ( starting on June 3 for the fall 2013 term, and should be submitted by July 1 for the fall term and by mid-January for the spring 2014 term.

All housing preference forms submitted by the deadline will be randomized to determine the order in which room assignments will be made. Forms submitted after the deadline will be considered in the order in which they are received. The later you submit your form after the deadline, the lower the likelihood that we can meet many of your preferences. Please understand that we are rarely able to meet all of someone's preferences, even when the form is submitted on time. We work hard to balance everyone's needs and preferences in order to create healthy communities.

Completing the Housing Assignment Process

  1. Read all of the questions on the Housing Preference Form and consider all of your housing options and preferences. Some options have specific instructions you will need to follow. Also note that choosing some specific options may restrict your other preferences.

  2. Decide on your housing priorities and fill out the form. Answer each question completely and in as much detail as possible.

  3. You may request special accomodations due to physical, psychological, or learning disability needs. This includes environmental and food allergies. Those requests must go through our diability services coordinator, Joel Dansky, at 413.559.5423. Special accomodations are made only by the coordinator, so please contact him as soon as possible. If no special accomodations are approved, your housing assignment will be made based on availability of rooms.

  4. Submit the Housing Preference Form and (if you wish to live in substance-free housing) the substance-free environment contract by July 1 for the fall term and by mid-January for the spring term.

  5. If your housing preferences change significantly after you've already submitted your form, please email us immediately. The later you notify us, the fewer the options for change.

  6. Room assignments will be available on TheHub after August 15 for the fall term, and by late January for the spring term. If you have not been able to view your housing assignment by one week prior to your anticipated arrival date, please call the housing operations office at 413.559.5453 to receive your assignment over the phone. Please do not call prior to this.

Room Size

Much like our students, each housing area at Hampshire is unique. Room size and shape vary according to the house you will be living in and the position of your room on the hall. Because of these variations, we are not able to tell individual students the exact dimensions of their future rooms. Each single room is, however, around 100 square feet, and each double is around 200 square feet. Please keep this in mind when considering the size and number of items you bring with you.

Wondering what to bring with you? You'll find a handy list to start packing from, as well as the furniture we provide, and a few things we ask you NOT to bring.


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