Office of Accessibility Resources and Services

The office of accessibility resources and services (OARS) strives to support students with disabilities holistically through relationship building, coaching, appropriate accommodations, and intentional referrals.

OARS provides services to students with documented physical, medical, learning, sensory, psychological, developmental, and other disabilities. Our office understands that there are legitimate structural barriers that keep people from accessing the documentation or resources they deserve, and we are here to help with that. 

When possible, OARS staff seek to collaborate across campus proactively to build learning environments that have multiple forms of engagement, and to remove barriers to allow students to work and achieve to their full potential. We value working with students to build a stronger, more accessible community. See our Exploring Disability page to learn more about partnering with us.

Meeting with OARS

Register with OARS / Request Accommodations

This is a three step process that is further explained on our registration page

  1. Submit a self-report
  2. Submit supporting documentation
  3. Speak with an OARS staff member

Consultation Appointments

Any current or prospective Hampshire student, faculty, or staff member can meet with OARS staff to learn more about our supports and services.

These meetings are typically an hour and can be useful for (but not limited to) any of the following reasons:

  • For prospective and incoming students to learn about the transition to Hampshire as a new student.
  • Learn about requesting accommodations.
  • Request additional accommodations based on a new or previously disclosed disability.
  • Understand ways to support specific students/peers who seem to be struggling and/or get them connected with OARS.
  • How to seek a formal diagnosis if not yet diagnosed.
  • Options available for support without a formal diagnosis.
  • Interest in collaborating to enhance accessibility at Hampshire or throughout the Connecticut River Valley.


Through our Holistic Learning Program, we create programming, resources, and work one on one with students with and without accommodations on everything from time management to mental and physical health. Our goal is to empower students if they are working through experiences of hardship, and to help them develop the skills they need to set goals and work towards a positive future. Schedule a consultation or come to drop-ins to learn more about coaching.


OARS holds office hours for anyone from the community to drop in from 1-3 p.m. every Friday and meet with staff on a first-come, first-served basis. During high-traffic time (like the beginning of the semester) OARS holds additional drop-in hours. To learn about additional drop-in hours, stop by Lemelson.

Schedule an Appointment

Meeting with OARS staff may be scheduled online, via email at , or by coming in person to the Lemelson Building.

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