Types of Accommodations

Registering for Accommodations and Services

We know that you have a lot to consider as you make decisions about navigating college and registering with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS). Our office is here to support you throughout your years at Hampshire College. We encourage you to formally register with OARS as early as possible if you believe you many qualify for services.


If you are entering the Hampshire College community in the fall or spring, we recommend that you send in your request and documentation in the summer or winter using our OARS Registration form, or by logging into the OARS Portal once registered. This allows accessibility services staff to review your case with enough time to ensure your accommodations are in place on the first day of classes. Please note that housing accommodations requests for entering students have earlier deadlines, and are subject to availability after that date.

Students can, however, register with OARS at any point during their academic careers. Once approved, the OARS staff will support your advocacy around implementing these accommodations. Please review our detailed registration instructions and FAQs for more information about types of accommodations and how to register with OARS.

Once approved for accommodations, you are entitled to those accommodations throughout the Five College Consortium and throughout your time at Hampshire. The circumstances in which this might not be true would be if you take substantial time off, if your accommodations are initially approved on a temporary basis, or if your disability and/or functional limitation changes.

Student Accommodations

Student working at a table with a sunlit window behind them.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are legally-mandated modifications, adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services that give a student with a disability an equal opportunity to benefit from the educational process.

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Student with service animal working on a laptop.

Assistance Animals

Service animals and emotional support animals are not pets. The College is home to many students and their service dogs and emotional support animals. Learn more about our roles, rights, and responsibilities regarding our animal co-habitants.

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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) refers to any object, device, software application, or comprehensive system designed to enhance, sustain, or elevate an individual's capabilities and self-reliance, consequently fostering their overall welfare.

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Campus Access

Campus accessibility ensures that all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities, can navigate and engage with the environment safely. Here you'll find information about parking, transportation, snow removal, and more.

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Dining Accommodations

We offer a wide range of dietary options and are able to provide food choices tailored to most individual needs. Please review and consider your options and be in touch if you have additional questions or would like to consult about your specific situation.

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Enfield housing area at Hampshire College

Housing Accommodations

We work closely with the Office of Residence Life to identify residential placements on campus that include reasonable housing-based accommodations based on your individual, disability-related need.

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Temporary Accommodations

Hampshire College recognizes that, similar to individuals with permanent disabilities, individuals with temporary injuries, recovering from surgery, or with short-term medical conditions may need accommodations to access classrooms, course resources, and/or campus facilities.

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