Office of Accessibility Resources and Services

Welcome to the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) at Hampshire College.

We strive to support students with disabilities holistically through relationship building, coaching, appropriate accommodations, and intentional referrals.

We encourage you to register for services from our office as early as possible in your academic journey at Hampshire. In addition to offering a number of services specific to an individual's academic success, OARS also educates the campus about people with disabilities and their needs.

Quick Info: Register with OARS

Our Interactive Process to Request Accommodations

  1. First time registering with OARS as an enrolled Hampshire College student?
    • Submit your self-report through our secure registration form. Our most valued source of information is each student's experience and knowledge of their needs. We encourage you to use your self-report to begin the process of telling us about your accessibility needs and accommodation request.
  2. Already registered with OARS for accommodations?
    • Review your accommodations, make additional requests, and submit Semester Requests to send academic accommodations to your faculty using the OARS Portal.
  3. If you choose to submit supporting documentation from a care provider or previous educational record:
    • You may upload these directly through the registration form when first registering, on your OARS Portal account once registered, by fax or e-fax, or by mail.
  4. We value working with each student to provide individualized and holistic support, resources, and interactive review of your accommodations request. OARS Staff will contact you after initial review of your request is complete.
    • After registering or making an additional request, the interactive process continues. Please check your Hampshire College email for additional communication or next steps to schedule an intake meeting.
    • If you need assistance with any stage of the process, or would like to meet with a staff member to ask questions, please reach out to OARS to schedule a meeting.

Looking for more information about accessibility at Hampshire as a prospective student?


For our new and transfer students, welcome to Hampshire! We are looking forward to working with you as you join our community. 

Please use our secure registration form to formally register with OARS for the first time, request accommodations, and upload any supporting documentation. We recommend reviewing our detailed instructions on registering with OARS.  

Once registered, you will log in to your portal account at the OARS portal to upload documents and view your case file, including any approved accommodations.

Housing accommodation requests received after priority deadlines are subject to Housing Office approval, and we encourage you to submit these housing-related accessibility requests as soon as possible. 

You may also submit academic, dining, assistance animal, and other campus access accommodation requests through our registration form at the same time.

If you would prefer to wait to submit other types of accommodations request, you may use the OARS portal once initial registration is complete.


Any current or prospective Hampshire student, faculty, or staff member can meet with OARS staff to learn more about our supports and services.

These meetings are typically an hour and can be useful for (but not limited to) any of the following reasons:

  • For prospective and incoming students to learn about the transition to Hampshire as a new student.
  • Learn about requesting accommodations.
  • Request additional accommodations based on a new or previously disclosed disability.
  • Understand ways to support specific students/peers who seem to be struggling and/or get them connected with OARS.
  • How to seek a formal diagnosis if not yet diagnosed.
  • Options available for support without a formal diagnosis.
  • Interest in collaborating to enhance accessibility at Hampshire or throughout the Connecticut River Valley.


Through our Holistic Learning Program, we create programming, resources, and work with students with and without accommodations on everything from time management to mental and physical health. Our goal is to empower students through challenges and to help them develop the skills they need to set goals and work to find their unique path of lifelong learning. Contact Griffin Leistinger, Assistant Director of Accessibility, at at to learn more about connecting with the Holistic Learning Program. 


OARS staff are available throughout the year to meet with current or prospective students and their families. 

Meetings with OARS staff are by appointment only and may be scheduled via email at, or by contacting us via phone at 413.559.OARS / 413.559.6277.

If you are visiting during a campus-wide open house, please call or email ahead of time to  schedule a time to meet. You can also look for us in your open house schedule for events and drop-in tables.


The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) strives to provide an inclusive learning atmosphere that ensures equal access for all students to education and all aspects of campus life by providing reasonable accommodations, participating in interactive student meetings, and promoting access for Hampshire College students, staff, and faculty. Hampshire College will not discriminate in the recruitment, admission, educational process, or treatment of students with disabilities. In making reasonable accommodations, Hampshire College considers educational academic accommodations, accessible housing, and other services available to all students.

OARS aims to empower students to receive equal access to education and all aspects of campus life, through removing barriers to equal access and promoting self-advocacy through multidisciplinary collaborations. OARS is committed to helping students with disabilities achieve their academic goals by providing reasonable accommodations under appropriate circumstances. As part of the Office of Justice, Equity, and Antiracism we handle the needs of students with disabilities and we take those needs seriously.


OARS is charged with providing all students at Hampshire with access to all programs and services. Institutions of higher education must ensure that students with disabilities are able to: 

  • Independently acquire the same information;
  • Engage in the same interactions;
  • Enjoy the same benefits and services;
  • Within the same time frames as their non-disabled peers;
  • With substantially equivalent ease of use


The physical Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) in the Lemelson Building.



9 a.m.- 4 p.m.