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Housing Designations

All residential communities at Hampshire have designations regarding the cleanliness and quietness of their space, as well as the self-identified gender of the residents. Additionally, many students choose to live in residential communities based on social identities or common living and learning goals. For the residence halls, these designations are set institutionally, and are unlikely to vary from year to year. Designations for the mods are set by the inhabitants, and so tend to change yearly.


Members of the Hampshire community have the right to a quiet environment conducive to the ability to sleep, study, or socialize. All residences have 24-hour courtesy hours: No matter the hour of day or night, if you are asked by another resident to lower the noise level, you should make all reasonable effort to comply with the request. The use of amplified instruments and drums in the residences, indoor or outdoors, is prohibited. Campus-wide quiet hours begin at 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. A hallway in Dakin or Merrill House may carry a designation of "quiet," with the same expectations as a "very quiet" mod. If a hallway does not list a specific noise designation 24-hour courtesy hours apply. Mods may carry the following designations for the 2017-2018 academic year, and will be moving to the same designations as the residence halls beginning Fall 2108.

  • Very quiet: Residents of very quiet mods may have brief, hushed conversations in the halls, but most socializing happens out of the mod. Music played within a room cannot be heard through the closed door or walls and is most likely listened to with headphones.
  • Quiet: Residents of quiet mods might have passing conversations in the halls in a lowered voice, but most socializing happens in the common area or in rooms. Music played within a room cannot be heard in the hallway if the door is shut.
  • Semi-quiet: Residents of semi-quiet mods are likely to have long conversations in the hallways in a normal speaking voice. Music played within the room may be heard in the hallway even if the door is shut.

Self-Identified Gender

Hampshire College housing has four options in terms of gender designation.

  • Women: For students who identify as women regardless of legal sex.
  • Men: For students who identify as men regardless of legal sex.
  • All-gender: For any students no matter how they identify with regards to gender.
  • Non-binary: For students who identify outside the gender binary 

The bathrooms on all-gender halls and in all-gender mods are open to students of all genders. The residents of non-binary, women's, and men's halls and mods will decide among themselves if their bathrooms will be available for use by guests of other genders. 


All students are responsible for the cleanliness of their living spaces. Students living in the mods choose the level of cleanliness they will maintain, and define exactly what that means to them in their mod contract. The choices are: very clean, clean, or casually clean.

Substance-Free Housing

Substance-free environments exist in all the housing areas, including several halls in Merrill and Dakin. A substance-free environment is a dorm floor or mod where all residents and their guests agree to keep their hall or mod free from substances at all times. Substances are defined to include alcohol, cigarettes, and other smoking materials as well as illicit drugs. While there is an expectation for the entire community to comply with all state, federal, and local regulations regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs, the substance-free housing option offers an additional measure of support for people who choose not to smoke, drink, or use other drugs. Students interested in this option must complete the Substance-Free Housing contract.

Medical Accommodations

Students who are in need of special housing due to medical need will be accommodated. There are many residences that are wheelchair accessible (see below), as well as an allergen-reduced mod, and several residential spaces with designations regarding dietary restrictions. Please see the housing accommodations page for more information, and contact the office of accessibility resources and services (OARS) if you have specific questions.

Housing Designations by Residence (2017-18)



A1 Short (A101-A106): All-Gender

A1 Long (A107-A116): All-Gender

A2 Short (A201-A207): All-Gender

A2 Long (A208-A218): All-Gender

A3 Short (A301-A307): All-Gender

A3 Long (A308-A318): All-Gender

A4 Short (A401-A407): All-Gender, Quiet, Allergen Reduced, No Emotional Support Animals

A4 Long (A408-A418): All-Gender, Quiet, No ESAs

B Basement (B004-B008): Continuing and Transfer Students, Women, Quiet

B1 Short (B101-B106): Transfer Students, All-Gender, Quiet

B1 Long (B107-B115): Transfer Students, All-Gender, Quiet

B2 Short (B212-B218): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet, No ESAs

B2 Long (B201-B211): First Year Students, Women, Quiet, No ESAs

B3 Short (B312-B318): First Year Students, All-Gender, No ESAs

B3 Long (B301-B311): First Year Students, All-Gender

B4 Short (B412-B418): First Year Students, All-Gender, No ESAs, Queer Friendly

B4 Long (B401-B411): First Year Students, All-Gender, Queer Friendly

C Basement Short (C005-C007): All-Gender, Quiet, Substance-Free

C Basement Long (C001-C004): All-Gender, Quiet, Substance-Free

C1 Short (C111-C116): Women, Substance-Free

C1 Long (C101-C110): All-Gender, Substance-Free

C2 Short (C201-C207): All-Gender,  Substance-Free

C2 Long (C208-C218): All-Gender, Substance-Free

C3 Short (C301-C307): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet, Substance-Free

C3 Long (C308-C318): First Year Students, Women, Substance-Free

C4 Short (C401-C407): First Year Students, Non-Binary, Quiet, Substance-Free

C4 Long (C408-C418): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet, Substance-Free


D1 (D102-D111): First Year Students, All-Gender, Queer Friendly

D2 (D202-D212): First Year Students, Women

D3 (D302-D312): First Year Students, All-Gender, Students of Color

D4 (D402-D412): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet

E1 (E102-E112): First Year Students, All-Gender

E2 (E202-E212): First Year Students, All-Gender

E3 (E302-E312): First Year Students, All-Gender, No Emotional Support Animals 

E4 (E402-E412): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet

F1 (F102-F111): First Year Students, All-Gender

F2 (F202-F212): First Year Students, All-Gender, Bodies, Brains, and Culture Living Learning Community

F3 (F302-F312): First Year Students, All-Gender, FARM! the edible Living Learning Community

F4 (F402-F412): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet

G1 (G102-G112): First Year Students, All-Gender, Looking/Reading/Writing Living Learning Community

G2 (G202-G212): First Year Students, All-Gender, Theme: Gamers

G3 (G302-G312): First Year Students, All-Gender, Community Engagement for Social Change Living Learning Community 

G4 (G402-G412): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet, No ESAs

H1 (H102-H112): First Year Students, All-Gender, Admissions Tour Hall

H2 (H202-H212): First Year Students, All-Gender, Theme: Gamers, No ESAs

H3 (H302-H312): First Year Students; All-Gender

J Basement (J010-012): First Year Students; Men, Quiet, Substance-Free

J1 (J102-J112): First Year Students; All-Gender

J2 (J202-J212): First Year Students, All-Gender, Theme: Global Denizens

J3 (J302-J312): First Year Students, All-Gender, Theme: Study Intensive

K1 (K102-K112): First Year Students, All-Gender, Substance Free, No ESAs

K2 (K202-K212): First Year Students, All-Gender, Substance Free, Wellness Living Learning Community

K3 (K302-K312): First Year Students, All-Gender, Quiet, Substance Free


1: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Very Clean 

2: Non-Binary/Female, Semi-Quiet, Clean, ESA friendly

3: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

4: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

5: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Analog Games

6: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

7: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

8: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

9: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Casually Clean, Identity-Based Community: Pan African Diaspora 

10: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Very Clean

11: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Casually Clean

12: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Casually Clean

13: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Soccer Mod

14: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Ultimate Frisbee

15: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean, Nut Free, ESA Friendly

16: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

17: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

18: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

19: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Clean, Substance Free

20: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean, Substance Free

21: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Casually Clean, Nut Free

22: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Very Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Hampshire Basketball

23: Female-Identified, Quiet, Clean

24: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Very Clean, Substance FreeWheelchair Accessible

25: All-Gender,  Very Quiet, Very Clean, Substance Free

26: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Identity-Based Community: Asian Heritage

27: All Female, Semi-Quiet, Causally Clean

28: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, Identity-Based Community: Trans Stability

29: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Self-Care

30: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean, Substance-Free

31: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Media Studies

32: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Identity-Based Community: LGBTQQIAP

33: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean, Identity-Based Community: QPOC

34: All Female, Quiet, Clean, Substance-Free

35: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Causally Clean

36: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

37: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Art Creation and Appreciation

38: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean, ESA Friendly, Intentional Housing Community: Science Mod

40: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, Vegetarian 


41: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

42: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

43: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

44: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

45: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

46: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Greenhouse Mod

47: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

48: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

49: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

50: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

51: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

52: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Identity-Based Community: Students of Color Mod

53: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

54: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Identity-Based Communicty: Queer Mod

55: Women, Quiet, Very Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Upcycling Mod

56: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean, Intentional Housing Community: STEM Mod

57: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

58: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

59: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

60: Female Identified, Quiet, Clean, Identity-Based Community: Women of Color

61: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Substance-FreeWheelchair Accessible

62: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Wheelchair Accessible

63: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Very Clean

64: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Mindfulness Mod

65: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, All Queer, ESA Friendly

66: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

67: Female-Identified/Non-Binary, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

68: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

69: All-Gender, Very Clean, Quiet, Allergen Reduced Mod

70: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

71: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean


72: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Substance Free

73: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

74: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

75: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

76: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

77: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

78: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

79: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean, Substance Free

80: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Very Clean, ESA Friendly

81: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

82: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, Intentional Housing Community: Kosher Mod

83: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

84: All-Gender, Very Quiet, Very Clean, Chinese cooking and language 

85: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

86: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

87: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

88: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

89: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

90: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean, ESA Friendly

91: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

92: All Female ID/Non-Binary, Quiet, Clean, Gluten Free, Fragrance Free

93: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

94: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

95: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

96: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Clean

97: All-Gender, Semi-Quiet, Casually Clean

98: Genderqueer/Female Identified/Trans/Non-Binary, Semi-Quiet, Casually Clean

99: All-Gender, Quiet, Very Clean

100: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

101: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean

102: All Female Identified, Quiet, Very Clean

103: All Femme Identified, Semi-Quiet, Very Clean

104: Temporary Housing/Swing Space 
NOTE: 104 is considered a "suite." It has a small common area and private bath, but no kitchen. 

105: All-Gender, Quiet, Clean, ESA Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible

Identity-Based Housing

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Intentional Housing Communities

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