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Housing Accommodations

Residence Life and Housing staff are open to discuss any personal issues students may have in relation to their housing assignment, and we will always do our best to find the right placement for every student. We acknowledge, however, that some serious conditions truly necessitate that certain accommodations be met. In these cases, we ask that students officially disclose this information to the College through the office of accessibility resources and services. This way, they can rest assured that their needs will be accommodated to the fullest reasonable extent in all aspects of their education.

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Wheelchair Accessibility

There are several wheelchair-accessible rooms located throughout campus, in the dorms and mods. Each space can be equipped with keyless entry, and includes wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, laundry facilities, and kitchen (in the mods). Please contact the housing operations office for more information.

Substance-Free Spaces

There are approximately 20 registered substance-free living spaces (housing over 150 students) for the 2014-15 academic year. Students in need of a substance-free space must complete the substance-free registration form to ensure their placement in an appropriate residence.

Reduced Allergen Mod

A reduced allergen mod is maintained on campus for students who have a medical need to live in a space that is free of allergens such as dust and mold. Residents of the reduced allergen mod are determined by the housing operations office and the director of accessibility resources and services.

Dietary Restrictions

Residence Life and Bon Appetit (the provider for Hampshire's dining services) are happy to discuss the dietary preferences and restrictions of our students and prospective students. By contacting Hampshire's dining services, students may be directed to speak with the staff nutritionist to consider how Bon Appetit can meet their needs. Students requiring a specific diet due to a medical necessity should request accommodation through the office of accessibility resources and services.

Purchase of a full meal plan is required for students living in the dorms, while students living in the mods may purchase a full or partial meal plan, or none at all. Obtaining a dietary medical accommodation or meal plan waiver through OARS will not result in automatic placement in the mods. Rather, this would trigger a discussion of how the dining commons can best meet the specific needs of the student. Students are welcome to discuss their desire to change residences with their area coordinator at any time, and we will do our best to accommodate them based on the recommendation of the director. Living in the dorms (which are mostly filled by first- and second-year students) is, however, an important part of acclimation to the social life of the Hampshire community, so we discourage students from attempting to move based on their dietary preferences. Please also keep in mind that financial aid packages will be affected by a change in meal plan purchase.

Students living in the mods whose food allergies or sensitivities will require changes in behavior on the part of modmates (ex: keeping a nut-free kitchen) should submit a Food Allergy Action Plan (available during the spring housing lottery), detailing the expectations of their living arrangement.

Please contact the housing operations office at or 413.559.5453 with any questions.

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