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Housing-based Accommodations

At Hampshire College, the office of accessibility resources and services (OARS) works closely with the housing operations office (HOO) to collaborate with you to identify residential placements on campus which include reasonable housing-based accommodations based on your individual, disability-related need. Our goal is to provide equitable access to enjoy the healthy, functional, and educational aspects of on-campus living. Your preferences for placement will be considered and included in placements whenever possible, but can only guarantee a placement based on documented need.

Typically, students request housing-based accommodations at three distinct times of the year; spring, summer, and winter. During these time frames OARS and HOO have the most flexibility to meet student accommodation needs and preferences. Timelines for each cycle are below and will be updated as far in advance as possible. Please also view important dates and deadlines for HOO to see how the accommodation timeline fits in with other HOO events and deadlines that may be important for you (such as identity-based or Intentional Housing Communities). If you do not qualify for disability-related accommodations based on our documentation guidelines, please visit the HOO website for more information about general housing policies, procedures, and instructions.

Requesting Housing Accommodations

  1. If you are requesting housing-based accommodations for the first time, please start by navigating to our process to disclose a disability and request accommodations.
  2. If you have already been approved for housing-based accommodations and are just requesting they be applied to your next placement, OARS will communicate your accommodation needs to HOO to be considered in the placement process. Please refer to FAQ's and timelines below about relevant details and due dates.

Spring Request Process

Accommodations apply to the following fall semester for current Hampshire students planning to return to campus at the start of the following academic year.

Spring Housing Accommodation Request Timeline (Spring 2018)
3/19/2018 Already approved for housing accommodations: OARS will send students with previously approved accommodations a reminder of the accommodations for which they are approved.
  *New for 2018: Universally Designed Accommodation Process. Unless you are in need of accommodations specific* to mobility, wheelchair accessible locations, or private bathrooms, your accommodations will be considered during the general placement process. Please see FAQ's below for more information.
3/23/2018 2-4 p.m. Drop-in hours: HOO and OARS staff will be available to answer specific questions about the housing process on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign in at the front desk in CASA/Lemelson Building.
3/30/2018 1-3 p.m. Drop-in hours: HOO and OARS staff will be available to answer specific questions about the housing process on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign in at the front desk in CASA/Lemelson Building.
4/2/2018 New accommodation requests: Accommodation priority deadline to be guaranteed review of housing accommodation requests before the lottery. 
4/6/2018 OARS notification to students of approved housing accommodations (when requesting additional accommodations or accommodations for the first time)
4/10-14/2018 HOO notifies students of highly specialized placements (ex. wheelchair accessible or private bathroom) before mod and dorm lottery begins. See our FAQ's to learn more about applying your accommodations to the lottery process.
5/1/2018 Review of any late accommodation requests (received after the 4/2/2018 deadline). Students who submit late requests should pursue placement through the general HOO lottery; any accommodation-related needs cannot be guaranteed and will be applied after the late review process, based on availability of space.

Summer Request Process

New students (first-years, transfers, and students returning from leave)

Summer Housing Accommodation Request Process Timeline (Summer 2017)
4/1/17-7/15/17 Consultation with dietitian and head chef for any dietary concerns (See more about dining-based support and accommodations)
6/1/2017 OARS will begin to accept housing accommodation requests and documentation through our Disability Disclosure and Accommodation Request Process.
7/14/2017 Priority deadline* to be guaranteed review of housing accommodation requests before housing placement for the fall is determined. 
8/1/2017 OARS notification of approved housing accommodations to students.
8/15/2017 Specific placements available on TheHub
  *Late accommodation requests will be considered before the start of the academic semester, but cannot be guaranteed and will be subject to availability of rooms that fit a student's need.

Winter Request Process

Mid-year changes that will be applied to the spring 2018 semester.

Winter Housing Accommodation Request Process Timeline (Winter 2017/18)
                                                                         Current Students
12/6/17 Accommodation requests due to OARS
12/13/17 HOO will notify students of new placements for spring semester
12/21/17 Deadline to move into new placement, if it is open. HOO will verify with students whether they can move before break or need to remove their belongings for the break. 
                                 New Students, Transfer Students, and Students Returning from Leave
1/4/18 Deadline for housing preference form (to HOO via the Hub) and accommodation requests and documentation through the Disability Disclosure and Accommodation Request Process
1/12/18 Placements will be communicated from HOO.


A lot has changed for the 2017-18 academic year to allow housing placement for returning students to be more Universally Designed and for housing accommodations to be utilized directly in the general housing lottery and process.

Q: If I've been approved for accommodations in the past, do I still need to submit a request form each year during spring placement?
A: No. Unless your accommodations apply to very specific placements, such as wheelchair accessible spaces, other physical or mobility-related accommodations or private bathrooms, your accommodations and preferences can be most easily met through the general housing processes. Students who have previously received housing accommodations will receive a letter well in advance of the lottery identifying their approved accommodations. Unless you intend to request additional accommodations, you can follow the instructions included with this accommodation letter to work with HOO in implementing your accommodations in the up-coming placement process.

Q: I already submitted documentation and was approved for accommodations in previous years or semesters. Do I have to resubmit documentation?
A: No. Unless something has changed or you will be requesting new or additional accommodations, your previously approved accommodations will be available to you each year.

Q: What if a need for accommodation arises outside of the summer, spring or winter timelines?

A: You may request accommodations throughout the year if new diagnoses arise or you encounter disability-related barriers. These accommodation requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and students will be accommodated based on availability of spaces. Before submitting your request outside of our general process timelines, please review general options to work with the housing operations office (HOO) directly to address many common issues students encounter, such as requesting a move or swap and support with roommate conflict.

Q: Will my preferences for a specific placement be considered?
A: First-year and new transfer students will be asked about preferences on the housing preference form on the Hub. Returning students will work with their lottery group (preferred roommates) to negotiate preferences around living conditions.

Q: Is it possible to live with my friends in an accessible space?
A: In most cases, student accommodation needs are able to be met through the HOO lottery process, which allows students a number of options to live with their friends and includes opportunities to work with HOO staff to navigate ensuring accommodations will be applied to your placement as well. In cases where students need to be placed ahead of the lottery in our wheelchair accessible spaces or other areas with less ubiquitous, specific accommodation elements, HOO will allow students to "pull in" a reasonable number of friends to their living space.

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