Housing Designations

All residential communities at Hampshire have designations regarding quietness of their space and gender identity of the residents; apartments (known as "mods") also have a designation for cleanliness. Additionally, many students choose to live in residential communities based on social identities or common living and learning goals. For the residence halls, these designations are set institutionally, and are unlikely to vary from year to year. Designations for the mods are set by the inhabitants, and tend to change yearly.


Hampshire College housing has the following options in terms of gender designation.

  • Women: For students who identify as women regardless of legal sex.
  • All-gender: For any students no matter how they identify with regards to gender.
  • Non-binary: For students who identify outside a gender binary 

The bathrooms on all-gender halls and in all-gender mods are open to students of all genders. The residents of non-binary and women's halls and mods will decide among themselves if their bathrooms will be available for use by guests of other genders. 


All students are responsible for the cleanliness of their living spaces. Students living in the residence halls get an assist from the facilities and grounds staff for common area trash and recycling, and bathroom cleaning, while mod residents are solely responsible for cleaning and trash/recycling disposal. Mod residents choose the level of cleanliness they will maintain, and define exactly what that means to them in their mod contract. The choices are: very clean, clean, or casually clean.

Substance-Free Housing

Substance-free environments exist in all the housing areas, including several halls in Merrill and Dakin. A substance-free environment is a hall or mod where all residents and their guests agree to keep their hall or mod free from substances at all times. Substances are defined to include alcohol, cigarettes, and other smoking materials as well as illicit drugs. While there is an expectation for the entire community to comply with all state, federal, and local regulations regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs, the substance-free housing option offers an additional measure of support for people who choose not to smoke, drink, or use other drugs. Students interested in this option must complete the Substance-Free Housing contract.

Medical Accommodations

Students who are in need of special housing due to medical need will be accommodated. There are many residences that are wheelchair-accessible, as well as an allergen-reduced mod, and several residential spaces with designations regarding dietary restrictions. Please see the housing accommodations page for more information, and contact the office of accessibility resources and services (OARS) if you have specific questions.

Identity-Based Housing

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Intentional Housing Communities

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