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The Residences

Enfield housing area at Hampshire College

Hampshire College has five distinctive residential areas.

The Dorms

Dakin and Merrill House, respectively, house 280 and 247 students in single and double rooms. Most first-year students live in one of these houses. Details for meal plan options and how to purchase them will be available soon.

The Mods

Enfield, Greenwich, and Prescott are one-, two-, and three-story apartment-style spaces we call mods. Each houses four to ten residents. Students living in the mods can manage their meal plan options via The Hub.

Housing Designations

All residential communities at Hampshire have designations regarding the cleanliness and quietness of their space. Additionally, many students choose to live in residential communities based on social identities, common living and learning goals, or specific medical needs.

Residence Staff

Each house is staffed by a live-in professional area coordinator, who is supported by student residential staff called resident advisors. Area coordinators are responsible for overseeing the operations of each house and the well-being of the residents. Residents have the support of 24/7 on-call staffing that consists of an area coordinator, a student life dean, and a mental health clinician. The on-call staff can be reached by calling campus safety and security at 413.559.5424.

Housing Operations Office

The housing operations office (HOO) is staffed by the the assistant director of residence life, who is supported by two housing operations assistants. The HOO manages the day to day operations of residence life, including room assignments, keys, and repair requests. The HOO is centrally located in the Merrill Student Life Center.

Did You Know?

While some of Hampshire's residential life program is decentralized, providing opportunities for each housing area's unique character, we all abide by centralized policies and expectations outlined in our student handbook.

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