Enfield House

Enfield House is one of Hampshire's apartment-style housing areas, generally referred to as "the mods" by students and staff. Built townhouse style, Enfield mods are two- and three-story apartments that mostly house students in their second, third, and fourth years.

Each Enfield mod houses five to eight residents, living in one double and three to six single rooms. Every mod contains a common living/dining room, a kitchen, and one to three bathrooms. Laundry facilities are centrally located between mods 62 and 67. Several Intentional Housing Communities and Identity-Based Mods are located in Enfield.

Residence Life Coordinator

The Enfield residence life coordinator is a live-in, professional staff member who is available to answer questions, give advice, and help with whatever issues might arise. The residence life coordinator has regular office hours in the Greenwich/Enfield area office and residents are welcome to make appointments. The residence life coordinator supervises the Enfield resident advisors (RAs). The RAs are available to support residents, reinforce community norms, and plan activities to enrich residence life.


The average single in Enfield is around 80 square feet, and comes with a dresser, clothes-hanging rod, bed, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, recycling bin, and a small waste basket. The average double is about 140 square feet. It comes with a double set of this furniture.

Common Areas

Each mod has a common kitchen and living/dining room to be shared by all residents. There are also shared bathrooms (at least one for every five residents). Please note the College does not provide common area furniture or regular cleaning services in the mods.

Room Numbering

Example: ENF 051A
ENF = Enfield
051 = Mod
A = Room


Every Enfield resident receives two keys: one to the resident's bedroom and one that unlocks the entry doors of the mod.