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Intentional Housing Communities

Residence Life and Housing is committed to supporting and complementing the academic program with the goal of creating a holistic environment that encourages collaboration, connections, learning, and personal growth. It is with this goal in mind that intentional housing communities were established.

Intentional housing communities are living spaces in which the residents have chosen to come together around a particular area of interest that will contribute to and cultivate the campus’ culture of learning. They work together with a faculty or staff advisor to educate themselves and the larger community about their area of interest. Students who elect to reside in these spaces can expect to gain meaningful relationships with one another, lasting connections with staff and faculty, access to greater campus resources, and sense of pride in their community.

What are the existing intentional housing communities?
How can I create a new Intentional Housing Community?
What are the criteria for creating an intentional housing community?

See the Identity Based and Intentional Housing Communities 2014 Booklet


What are the existing intentional housing communities?

You must apply for an existing intentional housing community by the appointed deadline. You may apply to multiple communities. All applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of current residents and the group's advisor. Invitations to chosen applicants will be sent via email.

Arts Integration Mod, Greenwich 9: An encouraging community engaged in a multi-medium arts-integrated lifestyle by creating, sharing, and bringing art into our daily experiences.

Effective Studies Initiatives Hall, B4 Short: Committed to embracing diverse learning styles in a respectful social environment.

Greenhouse Mod Enfield 46: A place for growing plants and food, learning about environmental sustainability, and for events that bring the Hampshire community together. All continuing students welcome to apply.

Kosher Mod Prescott 82: A Kosher living space. All students welcome to apply, regardless of religious affiliation.

Transfer Mod Greenwich 6: A community intended to strengthen the support offered to transfer students on campus, and smooth the transition of transfer students into the Hampshire community, in collaboration with Transfer Student Life. All transfer students welcome to apply.

Transition Mod Greenwich 17: A Transition Hampshire initiative that aims at creating an intentionally open, inclusive, and resilient living space by encompassing individualized definitions of the word "sustainable." All continuing students welcome to apply.

Veggie Mod Greenwich 20: A living community of vegans/vegetarians who see it not only as a diet but as a lifestyle.

Women’s Empowerment Mod Enfield 66: A safe and supportive space actively to engage with and challenge the normative expectations placed on women. Female and/or female self-identified continuing students welcome to apply.

Living and Learning Communities are intentional housing communities that are open only to students in their first year at Hampshire, and must be applied for during the new student housing process:

  • Community Engagement for Social Change Hall Merril A4 Long: Co-sponsored by Community Partnerships for Social Change (CSPC), this community will provide the opportunity for first-year students who are passionate about putting social justice into action to live together and participate in an interactive program of workshops, field trips, dialogues, and local activism.
  • Social Justice Hall Dakin F3: A community designed for like-minded first-year students to engage critically in discourse about a wide array of social justice issues
  • Wellness Hall Merrill C3 Long: An opportunity for first-year students with a similar interest to live together and develop a holistic lifestyle that balances physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


How can I create a new Intentional Housing Community?

Groups interested in creating new intentional housing communities must meet with the assistant director of residence life by the appointed deadline to be considered.

Approved groups will be given three additional lottery points to add to their total points. They will participate in the lottery in the traditional manner. There is no guarantee that they will win a mod. Groups who do not win a mod may choose to try to win a dorm hall with the understanding that students will be placed in vacant rooms by the HOO. They may also choose to keep all application materials on file for use in the next spring’s lottery.


What are the criteria for creating an intentional housing community?

1. The group must have a mission statement.
2. The group must have a signed advisor agreement indicating the continuing support of a faculty or staff member who will act in an advisory role. Advisor agreements can be found on the last page of the informational booklet or picked up at the housing operations office.
3. The group must have a proposal, including timelines, for two educational initiatives to be carried out in the following semester.
4. Groups may consist of 5 or 6 people; 2 must consent to live in a double together.


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