Dakin House

Dakin House is one of Hampshire's two traditional-style residence halls. Dakin houses approximately 280 first year students in single and double rooms.


The Residence Life Coordinator

The Dakin residence life coordinator is a live-in professional staff member who is available to answer questions, give advice, and help with whatever issues might arise. The residence life coordinator has regular office hours in the Merrill Student Life Center, and Dakin residents are welcome to make appointments. The residence life coordinator supervises the Dakin resident advisors, who are student staff members. They are available to support residents, reinforce community norms, and plan activities to enrich residence life.

The Dakin Living Room and Kitchen

Located just across the way in the Dakin Student Life Center, the Dakin Living Room (DLR) is a large furnished room with a television, many couches and chairs, and bookcases. Identical to the Merrill Living Room across the quad, the DLR is used for various programs and gatherings throughout the year, and can be reserved by students through event services. Similarly, the Dakin Kitchen, attached to the living room by a small conference/dining room, is available for student use.

Floors and Sections

There are seven sections of Dakin, each with three to four floors. The sections are: D, E, F, G, H, J, K.

D, E, F, and G have four floors and are closer to the Dakin parking lot and the area office.

H, J, and K have three floors and are closer to the dining commons and Merrill. A hall is one floor of an entire section. So G1 is the hall that is on the first floor of section G. There are 10-12 students living on each hall.

All halls are all-gender unless they are specifically designated single-gender halls. Every floor has a lounge consisting of a fridge, two couches, a television, and a few coffee tables. All 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor lounges, plus J1 and K1, have balconies off the lounge.


Every hall has its own bathroom. The bathroom is all-gender unless the hall is single-gender. They each have a utility sink, two regular sinks, two large mirrors, two toilets, and two showers. All the toilets and showers have locking stall doors. The showers have changing areas within the stall that are curtained off from the shower itself.

Moving Through Dakin

Every part of Dakin can be accessed using the interconnected halls and bathrooms. You can go from D4 to the K-basement without ever leaving the building. No need to go outside in the winter in order to do your laundry.


Every Dakin resident receives two keys: one to the dorm room, and one that unlocks the respective lounge door. The lounge key opens only the lounge on your hall. The main entrances are equipped with OneCard access.


Laundry is free at Hampshire! The Dakin laundry room is located in the basement of K section. It has multiple washers and dryers. More information is available on the Automatic Laundry website, including instructions on how to let them know if a machine is out of order.


Most students bring cell phones with them; therefore, rooms are not equipped with a landline. Students may request a landline by placing a "phone" ticket via TheHub or contacting the housing operations office. Out-going long distance calls require a calling card, though room phones can receive them. Each hall also is able to be equipped with a landline phone upon request. These phones can be used for on-campus, local, and toll-free phone calls only. 

Vending Machines

Dakin has one soda vending machine located in the laundry room. 

Dakin Rooms

The average single in Dakin is about 8 by 10 feet, and comes with a dresser, mirror, divided closet, bed, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, and a recycling bin. The average double is about 13 by 17 feet, and comes with a double set of the furniture listed above.

Watch our short video tours of each type of room:

Dorm Numbering:

Example: J207
J = Section
2 = Floor
07 = Room

Basement rooms have a 0 for the floor number.