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Dorm Lounge Televisions

The Merrill and Dakin lounges had new TVs installed in the fall of 2014. Here's how to use them.

To Watch Cable TV

If it's not on when you turn the TV on, press the input button on the remote and choose TV.

Connecting a Laptop Computer

What kind of computer can I connect?

  • PCs with HDMI ports (they tend to be the newer models)
  • Macs from mid-2010 and onward that have MiniDisplayport outputs
    • You will need a MiniDisplayport to HDMI adapter which can be checked out from the Dakin/Merrill area office. You can also buy one online for about $10.
    • If you have an early 2010 or older Mac with MiniDisplayport you will have video but no audio.

a PC laptop with HDMI port, Mac with MiniDisplayport

Instructions for Connecting

Channel 79 = InTran: Hampshire’s own station. Watch live programs or videos from Hampshire’s InTran Archive. Visit to contribute, or for show schedules and further details.

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