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A Sampling of Alumni Careers in Computer Science/Technology and Related Fields

James A. Carlson 93F: TerraSpark Geosciences, creator of Insight Earth, software solution for seismic interpretation using 3-D visualization.

Dillon Compton 06F: product manager at MuleSoft

Raphael Crawford-Marks 01F: lead engineer at InternMatch

Eric DeWitt 94F: Ph.D. candidate, New York University

Chas Emerick 97F: founder, Snowtide Informatics

Noah Falstein 75F: video game developer and producer, The Inspiracy; formerly with Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, The 3DO Company, Dreamworks Interactive

Tom Foley 79F: president and CEO, Silver Egg Technology (Japan)

Joseph Futrelle 90F: technical lead, Digital Library Technologies group NCSA

Saker Ghani 91F: management and technology consultant

Brian Goodman 94F: VP of Predictive Analytics and Innovation at JP Morgan

Walter Greenleaf 75S: Founder and CEO of Greenleaf Medical Systems

Kyle Harrington 03F: computer science Ph.D. program, Brandeis University

Benjamin Mako Hill 99F: intellectual property researcher, activist, and author; senior researcher, MIT Sloan School of Management and Fellow at MIT Center for Future Civic Media; author of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Bible and The Official Ubuntu Book

Jon Klein 95F: software developer and engineer; creator of breve, a free program that allows users to build 3D simulations of complex interactions; senior software engineer at Tapjoy

Philip Kwok 96F: software engineer, RBS Global Banking & Markets (London)

Peyton Loftis 90F: senior systems engineer/IA team lead, CKA, LLC

Joe Minton 86F and Robert Eng 86F: president and vice president of Game Table Online

Vibhu Norby 06S: founder and CEO at Origami Labs

John Ruttenberg 71F: founder of Multiflow Computer, a supercomputing start up; designed and wrote an effective code generator for the MIPS R8000 and R10000 at Silicon Graphics (SGI)

Sam Schiffman 94F: senior software engineer, Workscape

Davin Taddeo 03F: president, Oingu Systems Inc.

Reeve Thompson 93F: product manager at Twitter

Jordan Winch 02S: software engineer, Intuit

Kent Wittenburg 71F: director of Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories in Cambridge, MA

Thomas Zuccotti 92S: game designer manager, Microsoft Games Studio

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