Academic Listserves and Blogs


Animal Behavior Listserv
For students interested in opportunities for research and exploration in the field of animal behavior. It provides news on current research, internships, and funds available, as well as information on the Animal Behavior Student Group.
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Animation Listserv
An active forum for discussing anything and everything related to animation: courses, screenings, talks, production techniques, jobs, and more.
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Childhood, Youth, and Learning program (CYL) Listserv
Information on upcoming events, resources, internships, and community placements related to child development; children/youth and the arts; teaching and learning; and youth empowerment.
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Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program Listserv
A forum for the CLPP Program and other related social and reproductive justice activist and student group events, and announcements and job openings for students, alums, and partners of CLPP.
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Cognitive Science Listserv
A forum for announcements and discussions of cognitive science, an interdisciplinary field devoted to the study of the mind, the brain, and computing technology.
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Community Partnerships for Social Change Listserv
A forum for students to stay connected with CPSC, offering weekly updates on events on and off campus, trainings, summer grant information, and opportunities to get involved with the community. This will be a low-volume listserv.
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Computer Science Listserv
A forum for announcements and discussions related to computer science, programming, artificial intelligence, and related topics.
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Culture, Brain, and Development Listserv
CBD formally links the Hampshire College Schools of Cognitive Science, Critical Social Inquiry, and Natural Science in order to facilitate student and faculty work at the intersection of anthropology, biology, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, sociology, and related fields.
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Film/Photo/Video Listserv
Keep up to date on screenings, gallery receptions, and other visual media-related events. This list is also used for informational announcements about the Film/Photo/Video program.
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Fulbright Fellowships Listserv
The Fulbright Fellowship funds nine months abroad for individually designed study/research/art projects or English teaching assistantships. This list is for students and alumni who wish to receive updates from Hampshire's Fulbright Program Advisors (FPAs), Carin Rank and Jena Schwartz.
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Game Development Listserv
The Game Development list is intended to facilitate discussion among anyone at Hampshire interested in the topic, including relevant news, job opportunities, or anything specific to game development disciplines such as game design, project management, programming, concept art, 2D art, 3D art, animation, audio, QA, business or marketing.

The term "game" is broadly defined for this list, including digital games, board games, card games, storytelling games, sports, or other. We particularly welcome interdisciplinary collaboration and communication, since game development is fundamentally and interdisciplinary activity.
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Hamp-Law Listserv
The Hamp-Law list serves as an exchange of information about legal studies at Hampshire and the Five Colleges, current legal developments, pre-law preparation, law school admissions information, and law-oriented internship opportunities.
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Natural Science Listserv
A means of sharing meeting and event information as well as general announcements with all faculty, staff, and student members of Hampshire's School of Natural Science and anyone else who chooses to subscribe.
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Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Fostering open exchange about teaching and learning among faculty and staff at Hampshire College.

Div II at Hampshire
Resources, tips, and news for Division II students together all in one place.

Div III at Hampshire
Resources, tips, and news for Division III students together all in one place.

Food, Farm, and Sustainability
The Healthy Food Transition, a component of the Sustainability Initiative, aims to change the enterprise of producing, preparing, consuming, and managing food on campus, using food as a means to teach students, communicate values, experiment with new models of food systems that solve problems, influence our peers, and serve our community.

The Harold F. Johnson Library
Updates from the Harold F. Johnson Library and Media Services.