Role of the Advisor and Advising Communities

Division I Advisor

During Division I, the faculty advisor supports students’ academic progress, selection of courses, and progress toward completion of Div I, including assembling the Div I portfolio.

Divisional Seminar Advising Communities

In Division I, the advising communities (comprising first-year students, faculty, staff, and peer mentors) established within Division I Seminars support navigating Hampshire and navigating Division I, and provide academic community.

In Division II, the advising communities within Division II seminars (comprising Division II students, faculty, and peer mentors) support navigating the transition from Division II to Division III.

In Division III, the advising communities within Division III seminars (comprising Division III students and faculty) support navigating the Division III process.

Major Roles of the Advisor

  • Assisting students in planning an academic program and developing their educational interests
  • Helping students understand Hampshire's programs and procedures
  • Contributing to the determination of students' academic standing
  • Writing letters of recommendation upon request from a student
  • Counseling students about field study, exchange, leave of absence, and withdrawal

Student’s Responsibilities

It is the student's responsibility to remain in good communication with the academic advisor and to attend advising sessions on Advising Days.  

Advisor During Division II and III

During advanced studies, the Division II or III chair serves as the academic advisor.