How to Document a Community Engagement Activity on TheHub


  1. Student enters a new Community Engagement activity on TheHub in the Div. II tab.
  2. Supervisor approves the activity or gives suggested feedback for revision
  3. Student moves forward with the activity and reflects
  4. Supervisor verifies completion of the activity and writes evaluative comments


  1. The student logs in to TheHub and clicks "Students" and then "Course/Divisional Evaluations."
  2. Under the Division II tab, the student adds Community Engagement activities (click "Add New Activity" in the column on the left).
    • Once the information is complete, the student makes the document ready for supervisor approval; supervisor is then contacted by
    • If the supervisor agrees to the activity as written, the supervisor approve it (no concerns). Green check appears on CE activity showing approved.
    • If the supervisor has concerns, these be will noted on the form and both the student and the committee chair will receive notification with the supervisor concerns.
    • If there are corrections to be made, this process begins again until there is agreement
  3. The student moves forward with the project and at the end of the project writes a reflection on TheHub. The link to the reflection is in the left-hand menu on the Division II tab.
  4. Two weeks before the projected end date listed on the activity, the supervisor receives an email (from stating that the student is about to finish the project. The supervisor is asked to verify completion of the activity via a link and write evaluative comments. Plus sign appears on CE activity showing activity completed and verified.
  5. If the student needs verification earlier or needs to resend the form, the student may click on “request verification” at any time and the supervisor will be asked to verify and evaluate
  6. All Community Engagement activities will be listed on the student’s summary page in Division II.