Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hampshire prepare me well for a professional dance career?

Yes! Hampshire and the Five College Dance Department offer professional-track technique and theory classes, giving you the necessary foundation of skills to make it as a dancer in the real world. Many of our alums go on to exciting careers as dancers in companies, as directors of their own companies, or as dance enthusiasts in countless other dance-related possibilities, including physical therapy and dance research.

How many classes a week can a dancer take?

On average, dance students take four technique classes per week, but depending on your particular interests and focus, it may be as many as eight. Dance concentrators are usually dancing every day, including rehearsals.

How many productions are done per year?

There are many opportunities for showing your choreography and performing in dance concerts at Hampshire and through the Five College Dance Department. Hampshire has four to seven concerts per year, and the Five College Dance Department offers 15-20 more.

Do I have to audition to get into the Program?

No. Once you are accepted to Hampshire College, the Hampshire Dance Program welcomes dancers of all skill levels and experiences. To get involved in the Dance Program come meet the dance faculty. Take dance classes. Participate in concerts as part of the technical crew.

However, for the advanced level technique classes at Hampshire and through the Five College Dance Department, you will need to audition. These auditions are held twice a year - the first week of September, and in April, before pre-registration for fall classes.

I'm interested in other career opportunities related to dance, like concert production, lighting design, teaching, or dance criticism. Does Hampshire offer studies in these things?

Yes! We encourage students to open their eyes to all the exciting careers possible with an education in dance.

I'm interested in dance but I don't want to major in dance performance and choreography. What's there for me?

The Hampshire Dance Program and Five College Dance Department have a very active program for students interested in other applications of dance studies or other related fields. These include such areas as: dance and technology (video dance, technical theater, computer generated choreography), somatics and expressive arts, dance education and community outreach. In addition, many students who major in other fields take dance classes every semester and perform in dance concerts as part of their Hampshire studies.