Division III

Division III is your chance to make change. Academia is a living, breathing thing, and you get a year to move it forward. Do the research no one’s ever done. Build a robot that teaches itself to climb. Write a textbook that revolutionizes how Modern Standard Arabic is taught. Or a novel. Design an interactive art exhibit that brings publicity and customers to businesses in your neighborhood. (Yes, these are real projects by our students.)

In their final year, each student designs, implements, and completes an advanced independent study project dealing with a sophisticated and complex set of questions, concepts, skills, and abilities. Division III students devote the major part of their time to the independent study project.

Students must also undertake two advanced educational activities while they are engaged in Division III work.  Just as we expect scholars and artists to move beyond the boundaries of their particular fields of expertise and to participate in the collective activities that help to define and invigorate intellectual life, students are expected to engage in activities concurrent with their Division III independent study project that have the double goal of broadening the scope of their intellectual endeavor and making their more mature skills and viewpoints available to the College at large.

All advanced educational activities must demonstrate a serious academic/intellectual approach and engagement at an advanced level. They must indicate semester-long involvement, be evaluated by faculty, and take place in a setting that permits interactions with other students who are working at an advanced level.

View a Sampling of Division III Projects

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