Brian Schultz

Associate Professor of Entomology and Ecology
Hampshire College Professor Brian Schultz
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Brian Schultz
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Brian Schultz, associate professor of ecology and entomology, received a B.S. in zoology, an M.S. in biology, and a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Michigan.

An agricultural ecologist and entomologist who does research at the Hampshire College Farm Center, Schultz has spent a number of years in Central America and the Caribbean studying methods of insect pest control. He is also interested in statistical analysis and world peace.

Recent and Upcoming Courses

  • This course examines agriculture as a set of ecological systems and issues, focusing on organic and/or sustainable methods, and agroecology. It refers to ecology in the sense of interactions between organisms (e.g., pests and predators) and the larger sense of environmental impacts (e.g., pollution; climate change), along with key related social issues and solutions. A broad range of topics will be covered, including pesticide problems and alternatives, soil fertility and erosion, animals in agriculture, genetically modified crops, biofuels, farm labor, global vs. local trade, and more. Course work will consist of readings, discussion, writings, farm work/observations, and projects. We'll introduce current issues and practices for a more sustainable agriculture, with added readings and projects also tailored to individual student experience, interests, and goals. Keywords: sustainable, agriculture, ecology, agroecology, organic

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