Sarah Partan

Associate Professor of Animal Behavior
Hampshire College Professor Sarah Partan
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Sarah Partan
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On leave of absence fall 2023.

Sarah Partan received her B.A. in biopsychology from Wesleyan University and her Ph.D. in animal behavior from the University of California, Davis.

Her research interests are in the areas of animal social behavior and communication. She is particularly interested in multisensory signaling: how and why animals (including humans) combine signals from multiple sensory channels during communication. Partan has studied these and related questions in observational studies of wild African elephants; rhesus macaques; squirrels and lizards; and in controlled laboratory studies of birds and dolphins.

Partan is currently creating mechanized animals that simulate animal displays to use in field playback experiments that combine the rigor of laboratory experiments with the natural setting of the field environment.

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