Veronica Melendez

Assistant Professor of Photography, Creative Arts, and Visual Culture
Veronica Melendez
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Veronica Melendez
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Veronica Melendez is an interdisciplinary artist working across illustration, photography, animation, and zines. Her work speaks to the broader theme of finding community within the Central American diaspora and creating home in the United States.

She is a founder of La Horchata, an arts publication highlighting creatives from the Central American diaspora, which has been exhibited at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, and the inaugural exhibition “Presente!” in the Molina Family Latino Gallery at the National Museum of American History. Melendez was selected for the 2018 Archive of Documentary Arts Collection Award for Documentarians of the American South by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, NPR, VICE, and Hyperallergic, among others. She received a B.F.A. from the Corcoran College of Art and Design and M.F.A. from the University of Hartford.

Recent and Upcoming Courses

  • This course will explore the many facets of zine making and look into the contemporary LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC zine scenes. Students will learn how to sequence photographs to better suit a book format and gain a comfortable understanding of Adobe InDesign to digitally lay out their images for printing. Using inkjet and laser printers, students will experiment with different output methods and will gain knowledge on various binding techniques. Class time will consist of lectures, group discussions from assigned readings, in-class weekly assignments, and group critiques Keywords:zines, photography, art books, book arts

  • This course will introduce students to contemporary artists from the Central American Diaspora living in the U.S and abroad. The artists surveyed in this course will be working within a broad range of mediums including film/video, photography, illustration, sculpture, and mixed media. Throughout the semester students will also have a chance to collaborate and create artworks inspired by the content covered in class. Class time will consist of lectures, assigned readings, group discussions, and in class project time. Keywords:diaspora studies, diaspora, central america, Latin America, art

  • This course will look into collage as a form of expression within photography and explore the various ways this medium can take shape. During this course students will work on weekly projects while having the opportunity to utilize both digital and analog output methods. This class will primarily focus on contemporary collage artists through readings, artist presentations, and group discussions. As a class we will also spend time looking at everyone's work while participating in constructive critiques. Keywords:Collage, digital art, photography, photoshop, art

  • This course is an introduction to color photography starting with analog photography and moving through to the digital darkroom. Weekly assignments and critiques will go over student's aesthetic and technical progress.While readings and class discussions moving away from the western canon and centering BIPOC artists will introduce students to historical and contemporary photographers & movements. Lab sessions will cover a range of techniques including the nuances of color, color film, digital, color management and archival inkjet printing. An additional lab workshop will meet once a week for two hours. Keywords:Color Photography, photo workshop II, Digital Photography, color

  • This course will encourage students to push their photographs beyond the digital realm and have them exist as tangible objects. Drawing on the conceptual significance of intentionality when it comes to digital output, students will be introduced to adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop where they will edit their images and gain an understanding of digital workflow. Students will use Epson printers to create high quality prints from their existing image files and will have the chance to experiment with different paper textures and sizing options. This course will look at examples of contemporary LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC artists who are pushing the boundaries of how photography exists outside the computer. Class time will consist of lectures, group discussions from assigned readings, in-class weekly assignments, and group critiques. Keywords:Photography, Photoshop, Printing