Travel Assistance Services

While traveling overseas, you may want to consider additional travel services. These include services such as lost baggage location, trip cancellation, 24-hour worldwide assistance, and emergency medical care. Many of these services may be offered and/or covered financially through emergency travel insurance. It is your responsibility to see if these services are covered through your insurance or if they are services provided at an additional cost. 

AIG/Travel Guard

AIG/Travel Guard is an independent service engaged by the Five Colleges to provide students studying abroad or traveling abroad on school-sponsored travel access to a full range of medical information, travel assistance, and emergency services. It is important to remember that AIG/Travel Guard is NOT (and does not replace) international health insurance. It does, however, provide valuable services, such as those listed below. For more in-depth information on the services that AIG/Travel Guard covers, please refer to Program Benefits for AIG/Travel Guard

Some of the important program features include:

  • Access to AIG/Travel Guard information services at no charge.
  • This plan also provides Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage; if these services are needed they must be coordinated through the Five College risk management office and AIG for coverage to apply.
  • Please note, use of actual medical services (beyond information services) or any service that requires an expenditure of funds to another party is not free.

We strongly recommend that students register with AIG/Travel Guard and sign up for email updates and alerts for their destination. Registration is easy and free. Go to the AIG Benefits Solution portal and click "register here." You will need to enter your name, email address, organization name (Hampshire College), and policy number (GTP 9144090). You will receive an email confirmation with a password. When you log in with the password provided, you will be asked to reset the password. Students must register in order to access the online resources. Registration is not required to access resources and assistance by telephone.

AIG/Travel Guard Contact Information:

Tel: 715.346.0859 | Email:
Policy Number: GTP 9144090
AIG Benefits Portal:

Additional Travel Assistance Services

If you are not satisfied with the international coverage and travel services provided by your insurance company and the Five Colleges, you may want to purchase additional emergency travel insurance. We suggest visiting to find the best rates and policies for your specific needs.