Virtual Programs

Due to the ongoing global situation with COVID-19, and in acknowledgement of the importance of intercultural and experiential experiences in a Hampshire education, the Global Education Office is pleased to announce the continuation of virtual program offers for summer or fall 2022. Applications are due to GEO by April 1, 2022.

Virtual Summer

Students may choose to do a virtual summer program.  Students may apply to the Global Education Office for funding of these programs.  As always, students should be in touch with their faculty committee to discuss possible options that are integral to their academic program.

Virtual Exchange

A full semester of exchange must be with one of our current Hampshire exchange partners. Please note that not all partners are able to offer full-semester options. Please inquire with the Global Education Office to find out what is available.  

Supplemental Virtual Options for Fall

Supplemental virtual options allows students to stay enrolled at Hampshire while taking one supplemental virtual program for credit.  Program options include language learning intensives,  internships, community engaged learning and other field-specific courses.

  • Students must choose from a Hampshire/GEO pre-approved virtual course list. Options include Hampshire exchange partners and outside study abroad providers who offer language study, internships and/or field specific courses that students would otherwise not be able to take here at Hampshire. Sample partners/programs include the Institute for Central American Development Studies in Costa Rica, Autonomous University of Social Movements in Mexico, and various institutions worldwide through the International Student Exchange Program, SIT Study Abroad language immersion programs, and others.
  • Application process: Students apply through the Global Education Office using GEO’s online application management system. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Funding approval will be on a first-come first-serve basis and will depend on course availability, and number of students applying.  Students will need recommendation/permission from their academic chair. Once approved, students will apply to the program/partner to enroll directly.
  • Academics: Students enroll in the equivalent of at least 12 credits/three courses at Hampshire which may include Five College courses. In addition, students take one pre-approved GEO virtual course. After the grade has been recorded at the host institution/program, transcripts should be sent to the Global Education Office. The Global Education Office will then forward the transcript to Central Records to be evaluated to receive transfer credit and recorded on the Hampshire Transcript.
  • Finances: Students enrolled in a partial virtual option will be charged Hampshire's applicable tuition, room, board, and other required fees per usual for the spring semester. Once students’ applications have been approved by the Global Education Office, GEO will pay the partner directly for course expenses. Please refer to the Virtual Programs Participation & Withdrawal Policy for applicable policies and withdrawal fees.  

How to Apply

Students wishing to participate in a GEO sponsored Virtual Program for summer or fall 2022 must apply to GEO by April 1, 2022.   Please refer to the  GEO Virtual Program Application Instructions and the  Virtual Programs Participation & Withdrawal Policy for applicable application instructions, policies and withdrawal fees. Prior to applying, students should meet with Allison Kretschmar in the Global Education Office to learn more about possible programs, deadlines, processes and policies.    Please schedule an appointment via Calendly.