Course Websites

Hampshire's course website system, Moodle, is an open source learning management system with an emphasis on communication, collaboration, and student involvement.

Hampshire and Five College students are automatically enrolled in course websites for courses in which they are registered. Instructors can temporarily add students to course websites if needed, but students should note that they still need to register for the course on TheHub.

Please note:

Consortium and Collaboration

Five College Students LogginG into a Hampshire Moodle Course:

1. Go to (Hampshire's Moodle)
2. Click the link to log in
3. Select [Smith , Mt. Holyoke, Amherst, UMass] as your home institution
4. You'll be redirected to a [Smith , Mt. Holyoke, Amherst, UMass] login page
5. Log in there with the same credentials you would use to log in to your home institution's Moodle
6. You should be redirected to Hampshire's Moodle where you will
now be logged in.
7. You should see a link to your course in the Course List block on the right.

Hampshire Students LogginG into a Five College Moodle Course:

The other colleges in the Five College Consortium also use Moodle for course websites and each school maintains its own installation of Moodle. You must log into their systems to see their courses. Use the links below:

Hampshire is an active member of the Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project (CLAMP), which is a consortium of liberal arts institutions that collaborates on Moodle development and support.

*UMass is also using Blackboard and Canvas for courses.
UMass Canvas
UMass Blackboard