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Role of the Advisor

Division I Advisor

During Division I, the faculty member teaching the student's tutorial will serve as the student's advisor and write the portfolio assessment the student receives upon completion of Division I.

Close student-faculty relationships are a central feature of a Hampshire education. The advisor-advisee connection is strongest when student and faculty member work closely together on common academic projects.

First-year students are assigned an advisor who leads a first-year tutorial in which the student (along with all the other first-year advisees of that advisor) will be enrolled during the first term of study. The first-year tutorial provides an initial basis for the advisor to get to know and assess the advisee's academic progress.

Spring term first-year entrants are assigned an advisor who is teaching a class in which the students are enrolled, as there are no first-year tutorials offered in spring term.

Transfer students are assigned an advisor in an area of interest described in a student's proposed program of study.

Major Roles of the Advisor

  • Assisting students in planning an academic program and developing their educational interests
  • Helping students understand Hampshire's programs and procedures
  • Assisting students in maintaining their academic files
  • Contributing to the determination of students' academic standing
  • Writing letters of recommendation upon request from a student
  • Counseling students about field study, exchange, leave of absence, and withdrawal

Student's Responsibilities

It is the student's responsibility to schedule an appointment to discuss their academic progress at a minimum on advising days and at the end of each term.

Advisor During Division II and III

During advanced studies, the Division II or III chair usually serves as the academic advisor, unless a student, by filing a form with the Center for Academic Support and Advising, requests that a different faculty member serve as the academic advisor. The Division II or III chair will retain access to the student's academic records in such cases.


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