Account Policy

Hampshire College provides computing accounts to all faculty, staff, students, and alums as a means of fostering communications in support of academic, research, and administrative needs. Students are provided accounts upon enrollment at the College and may retain accounts while enrolled and as alums following the guidelines listed below.

All official correspondence from the College to students via email will be sent to these accounts. Students are responsible for checking their accounts regularly or setting up forwarding emails to another account.

Account Eligibility

Accounts are provided according to the following guidelines:

All users:

All Hampshire College computing accounts provide access to Hampshire College computing resources, such as TheHub, course websites, and email. All accounts are created locked, and the account owner must accept the Hampshire College Acceptable Use Policy and change the initial password before they can begin using the account.

All Hampshire College users must change their account password every 365 days. Reminder emails will be sent starting 14 days before the account's password is scheduled to expire. When the account's password expires, the account will be locked and will not be able to be used for logging into any Hampshire College computing resources except for the account management tool.


All active students at the College, including those on leave, on field study, or in exchange programs, are entitled to a Hampshire College computing account.


Alums may retain their accounts indefinitely as long as it's maintained and remains active. Inactive alum accounts, defined as those whose passwords remain expired for 6 months, are deleted without notice. If an account is deleted, all data, including email, address book entries, and personalization in the account, will be lost. The Gmail account will be available to the alum for reactivation, but old emails cannot be recovered.

When a student account is converted to an alum account, the account's access to any data on any Hampshire College computing resources not explicitly granted to alumni may be removed. Examples of Hampshire College resources granted to alumni include access to Gmail, TheHub, and some electronic Library resources listed in the Alum Access section of the Library's Circulation Policies.

Alum access to Hampshire’s Google Drive will be removed on January 31 of each year.

Faculty and Staff:

Current faculty and staff are entitled to a Hampshire College computing account. This includes access to services such as email, a staff and faculty file server, TheHub, etc.

Retired faculty and staff may retain access to their email account indefinitely. An inactive account, defined as one whose password expired at least 90 days ago and does not have email forwarding enabled, may be deleted without notice. 

Staff who have voluntarily terminated their employment may have their accounts deleted on or after the last day of employment. They will have the opportunity to set up a vacation-style message for 30 days to notify anyone who emails them of new contact information, etc.

Faculty who have voluntarily terminated their employment will have their accounts deleted 30 days after the last day of employment.

Faculty or staff who have been terminated involuntarily from College employment will have their accounts deleted on the last day of employment.

If needed, employees' continued access to their email accounts after their last day of employment can be requested by the supervisor via a systems type IT Ticket.

Spouses, partners, other family members, or friends are not eligible for an account at Hampshire College.