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Julia Botero

Julia Botero produces the Modern Love podcast at the New York Times. Every day she has the pleasure of working with the editors of the column, Dan Jones and Miya Lee, to bring the most emotional personal essays to life in audio. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Before joining the Grey Lady, Julia created podcasts at Gimlet Media, reported on local politics and agriculture with North Country Public Radio, and produced interviews and news segments with the programs All Things Considered and Weekend Edition at NPR in Washington, D.C.

Julia studied a combination of creative writing and feminist literature and art for her Div II. For her Div III, Julia wrote a creative nonfiction story about her sister's struggle with the effects of a chronic mental illness and the ways that trauma changed their relationship. It took a long time for Julia to figure out how all of her interests could align towards a career, so she urges students to be patient with themselves and make choices not out of fear but towards following their curiosity and passion.