MK Reilly (she/her)

Director of Data and Technology

Degrees: B.S. from Champlain College, and M.B.A. from Prescott College

Why I love working at Hampshire: I am so continually impressed not only with the Div III work that the students produce, but also with the academic exploration that they go through to get to that point. It’s a privilege to be part of the team that gets to work with students at the very beginning of their journeys at Hampshire.

A random fact about me: I love reading thrillers and horror stories - even though I’m too jumpy to watch most scary movies. I’m always looking for new book recommendations, so let me know if you have one!

If you could teach a class, what would it be called? Getting Out of the Tavern: What We Can Learn from the Tabletop Role-play Game Framework about Authentic Team Building, Leadership, and Organizational Storytelling.