Peter Watko 18F (he/him)

Assistant Director of Admissions

Territories: New York—Upstate, and Westchester County; Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri

Degrees: B.A. in Digital Art, Illustration, and Game Design, Hampshire College

Why I love working at Hampshire: There are many great aspects of working at Hampshire, but for me, the best part is the setting itself. It is as abundant with beautiful nature as it is with memories of my time here as a student. Hampshire College is home for me in many ways, and who doesn’t love working from home?

A random fact about me: When I was 17 I was selected to headline a youth musician showcase that was held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. This was very exciting at the time, however, seeing videos of my performance now definitely makes me cringe a bit.

If you could teach a class, what would it be called? A World Without Words: Creating Story and Setting through Sequential Art. A course focusing on how we can convey a sense of world and narrative in comics without the use of text.

Interview with me