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Additional Requirements for Homeschooled Applicants

While there are a wide variety of ways in which homeschooled students go about their education, it is their responsibility to present their schooling programs in a manner that will enable the admissions committee to get the strongest sense of the high school program and level of achievement.

We suggest that the student's home school portfolio include the following information:

  • A brief description of learning activity or course taken
  • The dates and amount of time spent on the activity
  • Texts read and work produced related to the learning activity (i.e. papers, projects, etc.)
  • A grade or narrative assessment of work and growth in that area

Most activities used as part of your portfolio should have a grade or narrative evaluation of your work and progress.

For activities not evaluated by a teacher or supervisor, we require your self-assessment of the nature of your work and how it contributed to your intellectual growth.

Applicants who have taken the GED must submit official test results in addition to the secondary records.

Students must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent to be eligible for financial aid. 

The equivalents are:
       * a GED
       * State-issued certificate of completion of a home school program.

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