2000-2009 (Entering Year)


We have been saddened to learn of the deaths of the following members of the Hampshire community.

If you would like more information, please contact us at alumni@hampshire.edu. We may be able to provide an obituary, or put you in touch with family or friends of the deceased.


Jesse Daniel Browning 00F Obituary published in the New York Times on April 29, 2012
Emily Katherine Doran 00F  
Emily Laura Richardson 00F  
Margaret Alene Sanders 00F  
Kimberly Dawn Swartz 00F Obituary published in Roanoke Times on May 23-26, 2010

Nicholas W. Chandler 01F  Obituary published in the Bangor Daily News
Michael Ryan 01F  

Robert Anthony Cooke 02F Obituary posted on the Amherst College website
Colin Baird Davidson 02F Obituary published in the Pilot on December 11, 2010
Bronwen Leigh Evans 02F  
David O'Hara 02F Obituary published in the Times Tribune
Sabrina Snelling Seelig 02F  

Dora Emily Holtzman Magrath 03F  

Karl Campbell 04F Obituary posted by Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors

Anas Awad Maloul 05F  
Samantha Bellows Sandler 05S  
Evan B. Scofield 05F  

Flynn David Grinnan 06F Obituary posted by The Wanderer
Eliot Muckerman 06F Obituary from Telluride Daily Planet
Conan M. Schein 06F Obituary posted by A. J. Desmond & Sons Funeral Directors

Jessica Laura-Louise King-Young 07F  

Tyler Chapin Rowland 08F Obituary published in the Erie Times-News on February 6, 2012; information on Tyler Rowland Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Ross Benjamin Scott 08F  

Gabriella C. do Amaral 09F  
Samuel Josiah Butterfield 09S Tribute to Samuel Josiah Butterfield
Janina Glasov 09F Obituary posted by The Bushwick Patch on July 7, 2016
Gilbert Kenyatta McKenzie 09F Obituary posted by John T. Rhines Funeral Home


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