Alumni Reel

The Hampshire College Alumni Reel

The Alumni Reel is a curated collection of short film, television, and video clips showcasing the vision and creativity of our alums who work across these media.  

Following a virtual Alumni Reel during our 50th Anniversary celebration, we plan to return to in-person showings of the 2023 edition this fall.  Along with John Bruner 94F and Dan Epstein 76F, Alumni & Family Relations will be collecting submissions and editing the final package for presentation.

If you’re new to the Reel and want to get an idea of what it is, you can request to view the 50th Anniversary Reel here or view the online panel discussion here.

To submit your project for the coming Reel, please complete the form on this site.  Following your completion of that form, we will reach out to you with instructions to upload a file we can access.