There are several local banks where you may establish checking and savings accounts. Each bank has different regulations regarding the clearing time for funds to become available if you deposit checks. If you plan to open an account with a check, it may take up to two weeks before the funds are available. Plan ahead and bring enough cash or travelers checks with you to get you through the first few weeks of school.

Below is a list of banks that are located in the local area. Call or check their websites for specifics regarding their clearing process, hours, automatic teller machines, fees, etc.

An asterisk (*) indicates if this bank location is on a bus stop (or within a brief walking distance from a bus stop). Two asterisks (**) indicate there is one bus transfer in Amherst center. 

Bank of America
Locations in Amherst* and Northampton*

Easthampton Savings Bank
Location in Hadley

Florence Bank
Locations in Amherst, Northampton,* and Hadley**
(Has an ATM in Amherst Center*)

Greenfield Savings Bank
Locations in Amherst and Northampton
Amherst: 413.549.3660
Northampton: 413.584.4333

Northampton Cooperative Bank
Locations in Amherst* and Northampton*
413.549.6622 or 413.584.4474

Peoples Bank
Locations in Hadley,** South Hadley,** and Amherst*
Hadley: 413.585.9797
Amherst: 413.259.1400
South Hadley: 413.493.7465

Peoples United Bank
Locations in Amherst* and Northampton*
Amherst: 413.549.6752
Northampton: 413.582.7870

TD Bank
Locations in Amherst* and Northampton*
Amherst: 413.549.5112
Northampton: 413.584.4400

UMass-Five College Federal Credit Union
Locations in Amherst*, Hadley, and Northampton
(The credit union has an ATM located in the College's post office.)

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

There is a Five College Federal Credit Union ATM located in the College's post office. The next closest ATMs are located in Amherst Center, which is a ten-minute bus ride from Hampshire College.