Biomathematics at Hampshire

Hampshire College, along with three other liberal arts schools, received a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to form a consortium aimed at training the next generation of scientists in the rapidly emerging field of biomathematics. This funding has established the Four College Biomathematics Consortium (4CBC) to support joint investigations by faculty and students at Hampshire, Smith, Amherst, and Mount Holyoke Colleges into the most challenging life research questions at a critical moment in history.

What is Biomathematics?

The explosion of data being produced in all fields of biological investigation is one of the leading phenomena of 21st century science. Extracting meaning from these complex data sets, requires an interaction between biologists capable of asking sophisticated mathematical questions and mathematicians willing to delve into biology to develop tools relevant to living systems.

Principal Investigators

Hampshire College Professor Sarah HewsSarah Hews
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Host-Virus Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

Lee SpectorLee Spector
Professor of Computer Science

Other Affiliated Faculty at Hampshire College

Charles RossCharles Ross
Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Spatial Analysis of Biological Variation

Sarah PartanSarah Partan
Associate Professor of Animal Behavior

Larry WinshipLarry Winship
Professor of Botany